Zoom in on 5 breeds of sheepdogs

Are you a dog lover and are you planning to adopt one that is sporty and durable? Discover 5 breeds of sheepdogs to adopt.

When the end of spring comes, this period is usually marked by the loss of pasture and the transhumance of cattle in search of fresh grass. It is customary to have sheepdogs to reframe them and ensure their safety.

The latter are also good pets if they are well chosen. So, if you are considering adopting a sheepdog to keep you company, here are 5 breeds you should focus on.

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois: an active and intelligent dog

Courage, dexterity, intelligence and loyalty are some of the words that characterize the Belgian Malinois.

this is’a sheepdog widely used in farms, but is also highly valued by the French police forces, due to its characteristics. In the family, he is an excellent partner who does not hesitate to act when he feels the need to do so.

This ugly looking dog is often confused with the German Shepherd, but it has a better look and smaller size than the latter. However, he remains very agile and strong, with a muscular body.

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois can be recognized by the triangular shape of his ears that make all his charm. He usually has short hair, height 56 ​​to 66 cm, for a weight of 20 to 30 kg maturity.

This sheepdog owes its name to the Belgian town (Mechelen) where it originated. The first one was discovered there at the end of the 19th century, where breeders used them to guard their flocks of sheep.

This dog is a very intelligent animal and is very devoted to its owner..

So he needs attention, but also to exert himself, because he is very alive and dynamic. In fact, the characteristics of the Malinois make him an ideal dog for guarding a house or other animals. He loves sports and family games like hide and seek.

Note, however, that this is a very sensitive animal whose education should be gentle. When used as a guard dog, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois protects its territory.

malinois belgian shepherd dogs

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The Australian Shepherd, the favorite dog in France

Characterized by a spotted coat, mismatched eyes and a very active nature, the Australian Shepherd is one of the ideal breeds for guarding flocks.

Known for his intelligence, his devotion and his unfailing courage, he is also a companion of choice for most families. Very strong, the Australian Shepherd is very popular in France in many households. It is an animal that has good physical and mental balance.

The male Australian Shepherd is 50 to 60 cm tall when mature and the female of the same age is 45 to 55 cm tall. With medium-long and slightly wavy hair, the coat of the Australian Shepherd can be visible, two-tone or three-tone. This animal has a weight that varies between 20 and 35 kg.

Contrary to what its name suggests, the Australian Shepherd originated in the United States.

Because of his very active nature and his intelligence, the Australian Shepherd needs a lot of attention and encouragement. He can quickly get bored if he doesn’t learn new exercises and doesn’t have fun regularly. It is an obedient and devoted animal, but does not hesitate to make decisions, if necessary.

Still called Aussie, he wants to protect his family members and does not accept strangers (people or other animals). He is very patient and loves to be with children.

The Czechoslovakian wolfdog: a big teddy bear

Courage, strong character and unfailing loyalty, these are the words that describe this dog that borrows its characters from the wolf and the German shepherd.

Endowed with a strength and a relatively strong body, this dog is the model of a shepherd par excellence. Strong, active and quite balancedthis animal is very hardworking, versatile and resilient.

However, behind his charming guardian aspect hides a gentle and very sensitive companion. He loves being with children and does not hesitate to indulge in various games with them.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog has a semi-long coat of yellow-gray and sometimes silver-gray color. It has a symmetrical head and small, but always straight, triangular ears. The female is 60 to 65 cm tall and weighs 20 to 25 kg, while at the same size, the male weighs 23 to 29 kg.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog first appeared in the Czech Socialist Republic, which is currently divided into two states, including Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This sometimes earned him the name Slovak wolfdog and Czech wolfdog.

It was born from a cross made between domestic dogs (German shepherd) and wild animals (Carpathian wolf). The goal is to have a member of the household, but able to withstand wolf attacks, to keep the herds in good condition.

The Czechoslovakian wolf dog is the somewhat affectionate towards family members, but can be very repulsive to strangers. He is very active and very protective, in addition to being an excellent hunter. He can get along with other animals in the house and is very loyal to his masters.

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The corgi: a small shepherd with a strong character

Often confused with an apartment dog, the corgi is actually a sheepdog full of energy, despite its small body.

Then he has the mind of a large dog and has the same needs as a large outdoor animal. There are generally two types of Corgi, including Pembroke and the Cardigan. Both are the same size (30 cm) and weight varies between 9 to 12 kg depending on the gender.

They have long and thick hair, but different colors. The Pembroke has a uniform coat, sometimes red or fawn, sometimes with white spotting. Cardigan, on the other hand, has many colors, with a tail similar to a fox.

The origin of this guardian is the subject of many controversies.

While some relate the name Corgi to “Cur” which means “dog” in Celtic, others suggest that it is “Cor”, from the Welsh, which means “dwarf”. The names Cardigan and Pembrokeshire are currently names given to agricultural regions in Wales.

But apparently this dog was a shepherd used to guard herds, especially cattle.

Contrary to what one might think, the Corgi a very obedient dog, easy to live with and train. He is very active and very devoted to his masters. His insufferable behavior may arise if he does not use himself properly. That’s why we advise you to go out with your dog, so he can do activities to make you feel good.

sheepdogs for adoption

The German Shepherd: strong and obedient

Smart, athletic and bravethese are the qualifications of this dog to be in the canine brigade of France.

Once used to guard herds, this animal now uses its abilities to:

  • rescue missions,
  • but also for the assistance of the disabled.

He is associated with many places and is one of the favorite dogs in French homes. Despite his strength and all the strength he has, he remains a docile and obedient companion.

The German Shepherd is characterized by short, but stiff and rather dense hair. It has a typical black and tan color, with variations that can be from brown to light gray, through red brown and yellow. Its height and weight vary between 55 and 65 cm and 22 and 40 kg, depending on the sex. Its life expectancy is 10 to 12 years and its origins date back to the 19th century.

It comes from a cross made by Captain Max Emil Frédéric Von Stephanitz, between shepherd dogs from central Germany and the South.

The German Shepherd can sometimes be proud, but he remains a very happy and somewhat affectionate animal. He is patient, easy to train, loves praise and has a lot of fun with children.

On the other hand, he can’t resist dealing with strangers and doesn’t want his space invaded.

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