Yann Quefflec is looking for where love comes from

What if we finally got back to talking about love? This is the beautiful pav that Yann Quefflec launched in the pond of literary return.

This is a great novel. It is signed Yann Quefflec. A love story set in the harsh post-war era.

Where does love come from? of Calmann-Lvy, a daring bet in this literary return. When I chose this title, I said to myself: “I’m crazy!” Love is put under many titles. And this book washed me a little more than others. We can’t help but love each other and of course we mess up all the time, but we start again because we know that’s what will save us. Love keeps us on our feetsays the author.
So where does love come from? We tried to find answers from the insatiable lover Quefflec.

Is love from the flesh, from sexual desire?

Yann Quefflec: This is Freudian. Love comes from the body, a body developed by this mental strength that allows us to ask ourselves the question: where does love come from? All the questions, all the pleasures… The imagination, the sensitivity, the mind folds tenfold to the feeling of love but also of the animal thing, because love must also be animal.

Doesn’t love come from the desire to survive, from the fact that we are programmed to ensure the survival of our species?

Alas! It’s not just entertainment. There’s this idea that you have to set the world on its course for eternity, failing to be eternal yourself. There is a desire for eternity in every being. Look, I’m over 70 and I want to live to be 70,000!

However, often, the arrival of the desired child, this fruit of love, upsets the couple who conceived him to the point of doubting…

Yes, everything is reversed. We are in awe, because it is a miracle, but surely the birth of a child always ends in love. It is usually from the birth of the child that the couple begins to question what it is like to be a couple in love.

Social success or failure can also upset everyone. Ambition and love intertwined?

Indeed. Love is also a social position. Because of love you show yourself to the world better accompanied. It is also a way of group self-expression. If you take a wife, you take her from someone else.

Isn’t there an element of selfishness in love?

Well, of course! Alas! This may be the case in the book, moreover, because we don’t know if Maud goes to Samuel to find prince charming and the wealth, the material comfort that protects you from everything.

But, no love without empathy?

This is the first thing, fortunately. This is selfless love. We go to the other side because we can’t do without it after meeting it. You don’t need the person in front to be an intellectual if you are, or not if they are. It is a being that, physically, fits you, completes you. It is a beautiful love, not a great love or a passionate love, it is a love that cannot be otherwise. This is what makes two people love each other so well, for no reason and even without putting aside the brain. If there is no explanation, because love is an answer, not a question.

Is guilt the foundation of love?

This is the whole meaning of human consciousness. In love, we do many stupid things all the time. We think we can reject the person we love. You can dominate her and find yourself completely lost, baby, when she tells you it’s over. Blame puts people before their responsibilities: a creature that can do the best and the worst, even the closest to their hearts and bodies.

Will we stop loving each other when we can no longer feel each other?

A woman’s scent can be an unforgettable wonder. I am convinced that everything goes through the nose. The nose is mental and animal at the same time.

Are the children we have made our lovers later?

The children we give birth to are the children we keep under all our skins. I’m the same age, but all my ages at the same time, including the ones I can’t stand at home. Where I lost, where I was wrong, where I was wrong… I saw my son who just turned 4 years old. I see how he loves life and how he says he loves it. I know very well that this declaration of love is for life, he will do it every day in the same way for some kind of eternity.

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