Win a gift box for your dog offered by Petsafe!

Win a gift box for your dog offered by Petsafe!

Win a gift box for your dog offered by Petsafe, including lots of goodies for the ultimate enjoyment of your best four-legged friend!

The dog box includes:

A PetSafe® Coastal Stainless Pet Fountain to help your dog stay happy, healthy and hydrated

The PetSafe® Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Chew Toy. With the patented Treat Meter® that randomly dispenses treats as your dog plays with them and is topped up with dry food, kibble, cheese or peanut butter. This durable toy is made from non-toxic and harmless materials. Plus, it’s top-rack dishwasher safe!

The PupZIP Vehicle Zip Line allows animals to move freely, but in a restricted manner, reducing driver distraction for increased safety. This unique design is suitable for all animals and compatible with all vehicles, and it can be used on the bench seat or the trunk. Easy to install in seconds and you’re good to go!

The PetSafe® Kibble Chase™ Mobile Kibble Dispenser is an interactive toy your pet will love. All you have to do is fill it with kibble, light it, and then make way for the hunt. The battery-operated toy rolls across the floor randomly while distributing kibble. Ideal for dogs who are picky eaters, this treat puzzle is a great way to feed your pet slowly, and it can hold up to 118ml of kibble. Its durable plastic wheels are suitable for most indoor applications.

PetSafe Ricochet is a new type of stimulating toy with PetSafe Ricochet electronic dog toys. When your dog interacts with one of the interactive matching toys, a fun and exciting squeaking sound will be heard from the other toy. When your furry friend checks the second toy, the sound bounces off the first toy. Your dog will love trying to find the squeaky sound. Although not a chew toy, the Ricochet is sturdy enough for serious play.

The cool penguin toy is a treat-dispensing toy with a bowl-shaped hole for ice cream and treats. The toy extends playtime and can be a fun treat for your dog!

The winner will receive a dog gift box offered by Petsafe valued at $200.

Visit the Petsafe website to learn more

You have until October 17, 2022 to register. Good luck!

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