why is it so good?

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More available, in a better mood, away from the worries of everyday life, we all tend to show ourselves in our best light when we are on vacation. Why do vacation loves taste the same? Can we hope to live true beautiful stories when we travel? The point of the extraordinary event of holiday love.

Holiday romance: why is it so good?

If a large number of authors and directors stick to the topic of love on vacation, it is because it is a part of fantasy and reality.

Whether on the beach, in the mountains, abroad or in extreme conditions, love is easy to find when you find yourself in a different context of everyday life. Therefore, some people live in a new relationship, which they can never imagine in their “real” life, that is their everyday life.

Holidays: ideal conditions for meeting nice people

Holidays always involve laughter, laziness and pleasant activities. Don’t we say “holidays, I forget everything!” »? Away from everyday life, the nights are always longer and more healing, we leave the problems and have fun.

It is in this warm and friendly atmosphere that we find a beautiful skin, that we look and that we recover our health. Dark circles will disappear, smile will return and eyes will sparkle like when you were young. In other words, everything tends to make you more attractive if you’re lucky enough to be able to take time for yourself…

So in this context we are able to make beautiful encounters, to seduce and to allow ourselves to be seduced. More attentive to others, we spend time talking, sharing, having fun.

Vacation dating

Holidays are always suitable for meetings, especially if they take place in establishments that offer friendly entertainment. Group tours also allow you to meet people with similar interests.

This is how you find yourself chatting for hours, traveling with a stranger and having amazing experiences with him. The restoration is almost instantaneous, in a few hours or a few days; the impression of knowing the other for several years is evident as the emotions shared are intense.

Fantasy sometimes meets reality because this person really exists and romantic feelings can arise from this encounter.

Holiday loves or eternal love?

In most cases, holiday romance is like a flash in the pan: it’s intense and much talked about, but dies out as quickly as it ignites. The person met during the idyllic parenthesis also has to return to their daily life, sometimes made up of small hassles and necessities. The color of the swimsuit gives way to a strict dress, the tanned complexion is paler and some dark circles can be seen.

In addition to the physical aspect, stress is sometimes present, as are constraints. No more romantic dates on the beach, a cocktail in hand, we are now expected on a station platform, usually in the cold, looking at our watch. Reunions don’t always live up to expectations, so we realize that we may be letting the person we hope to be with on the long road feel better.

This scenario is not always correct and some couples who meet on vacation decide to spend their lives together.

Love a holiday or romantic getaway?

Can we really talk about love when we are only sharing secret and romantic moments with someone we didn’t know a few days ago? If the idyll does not continue once the holidays are over, we can say more than a love affair or a romantic vacation.

Teenagers and even children are sometimes deeply moved by this kind of story, convinced that they have met the person of their life; then they will have a hard time coming back to reality when the holidays are over. The romance of the holiday is perfectly matched and the young lovers feel misunderstood by those around them trying to keep their feet on the ground.

Adults, on the other hand, are often easier​​​​to separate things, their experience allows them to put things into perspective and not hold an idealized picture of a romantic relationship.

Whether they last or not, holiday romances leave lasting memories and allow you to escape for a few days. Some take advantage of it to fill affection, others want to flirt or allow themselves to be seduced… pleasant situations that few of us would refuse!

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