Why do people treat their pets like people? Psychologists give us the answer

Have you noticed that many people treat their pets like little people? Pet owners treat them like children, looking for the best foods to feed them or using unique bowls to grow so that their pet can enjoy their food more. According to psychologists, this is a unique moment in human history.

Why some people treat their pets like real little people:

1 – Pets are loving companions

Pets are very affectionate little companions. There are many benefits to having a pet in your life. Researchers have found that when you are with your pets, it lowers your blood pressure and cortisol levels. So take the time to cuddle your adorable cat or cuddle your dog. It improves your mood, thereby increasing your sense of happiness.

2 – You will feel useful if you have an animal

Your pets need you. Taking care of your pet activates a protective nature in you. When you provide food and shelter for your pet, you feel needed. It validates who you are in a way. According to psychologists, validation is important for people.

You need to know that someone in your life needs you. Apart from your relationship with your parents or other family members, your human relationships may change. But pets give you a feeling of unconditional love.

3 – Pets relieve feelings of loneliness

tamed animals

Your pets bond with you. People who have pets feel less alone than those who don’t. More than half of pet owners say it’s easier to bond with their pets. Your four-legged friends give you someone to “talk to” when you’re lonely. They interact with their body and face. Thus they can improve your sense of well-being.

4 – A love of animals with feathers, feathers or fins may be in your genes

Some people seem to enjoy the company of animals. While others naturally love animals, whether they grew up with them or not during childhood. Researchers believe that love for animals is in the genes. They don’t know which genes are responsible for making you feel a special love for animals, but genetics and environment play a role in your feelings.

5 – Dogs are a natural alarm system

If your dog barks when someone passes your house, it acts as a natural alarm system. He is trying to inform you that there is a “trespasser” on his property. Although it’s annoying if your neighbor is the only one who stops to say hello, if it’s a thief, you’ll definitely be grateful! When you know your pet protects your home, it forces you to treat them like family.

6 – You always have an animal in your life

You’ve probably always had a pet in your life. Having a pet can become a habit for you. This is because you feel more comfortable around pets. You may have experienced the many benefits of having a dog or cat in your life, and this has led you to always have a pet.

Should people treat their pets like people?

As much fun as it is to treat your adorable pet like a human, it’s probably best to just leave him alone. Animals have their uniqueness; if you humanize them, you take away their origin. Forcing animals to do things they wouldn’t normally do can stress them out.

Here are some mistakes to correct when training a dog or cat.

Love is not food.

Obesity is a growing problem in dogs and cats. Your pet probably loves to wolf down your ice cream, but it’s not healthy for them. Even if he watches you while eating, don’t send him. Give them a treat made for them, not for people.

Let them smell something.

Dogs and cats by nature need to smell. This is their way of understanding the world around them. Give them time outside to sniff the grass, other dogs, and the sidewalk.

Pets don’t think like you.

tamed animals
Image credits: Pixabay

Dogs and cats know when it’s time to feed, exercise or sleep. Just because they decided it wasn’t a good idea.

Forget pet clothes.

Do not dress your cat or dog. It sounds funny to you, but it causes stress to your pet. Avoid hats, capes and raincoats. Make them animals.

Train your pet.

Pets, especially dogs, need to be trained. Owners who train their dogs have a stronger bond. If you treat your dog like a child, you can’t set boundaries. If you don’t punish your dog when he misbehaves, you aren’t teaching him anything.

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