who are the four candidates from Lorraine and Franche-Comté

Jean-Paul and Emmanuelle, father and daughter, are wine growers in the Moselle

This is the first time since the creation of the program: this time, a father-daughter duo, from the Moselle, will try to find love! Jean-Paul and Emmanuelle are a close pair, in life and at work, as both are winegrowers and owner-operators of the Domaine du Mur du Cloître, a vineyard located at the height of the Haute -Kontz, in the Moselle-Nord.

Jean-Paul bought a vineyard in 1994 and set up his own business. His daughter, a real estate agent for 17 years, joined him six years ago on the farm. Fusion, the duo was strengthened by the event when Bernadette, the mother, died of cancer in 2012.

Jean-Paul, 70, never forgot Bernadette, but felt ready to love another woman. The Moselle is a person who likes to take care of himself, pleasant, a little reserved too.

He is now looking for the ultimate partner in his life: a single woman between 55 and 70, dynamic, sporty, flirtatious. Jealousy and possessiveness are forbidden because “I don’t, I trust and we are moving in that direction”.

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Emmanuelle, for her part, has had several long-term relationships but continues to experience disappointment. A separation after her mother’s illness, a partner who died of a devastating disease … Emmanuelle’s love life is difficult.

But the 42-year-old chose himself with the optimism that defines him and now he knows what he wants. He is looking for a single, protective, positive, comfortable in his skin, rather large in size.

This happy ball of energy decided to leave real estate six years ago to join his father’s vineyards. “In the family business, my role is a Swiss army knife, I do everything!”, describes Mosellane.

The death of his mother leads him to deep sorrow, but the tragedy also allows the farmer to find himself. “I told myself that life is short, and there is no question of getting bogged down in the details”. Settle down, live in the moment and why not live from his passion, cooking, which he practices especially for his constituents.

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Agnès, master brewer of Meurthe-et-Moselle

Agnes, 56 years old, is the first brewer of L’Amour est dans le pré. A farmer since 1991, he produces milk with his father but started brewing beer in 2013. In his small village of Meurthe-et-Moselle, he runs a bar where he serves his beer to the locals and organizes and concerts.

Divorced from her first love after 30 years together and mother of 3 adult daughters, she lives her new single life as a release. “I opened up to other activities, I passed my motorcycle license, I started playing drums,” he confides.

As you can understand, Agnès is a rock’n’roll girl. But he is also a great romantic who now wishes more than anything to find love again and break loneliness. He likes beautiful faces with atypical looks. A person who is dynamic, happy, who takes initiatives.

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Naomi, breeder of baby cows in Jura

At 25, Noémie was the youngest at the time. After a short experience as a carer, the Jurassienne quickly returned to the road in the pastures where he grew up with his cereal parents. But his call is animals. In 2020, he lives on his own and takes care of a herd of 55 Charolais. “I wouldn’t change anything in the world, clearly and clearly” it affirms enthusiastically, proud of his success.

Behind her strong character and her independence, Noémie hides a tender and sensitive heart, which has suffered a lot. Betrayed by all her peers, the young woman lacks self-confidence, having been severely damaged by the reflections heard in college.

But now, he is determined to find love. What is he looking for? A big meaty man, who takes the first step, and above all, who wants children. Attention gentlemen, beautiful shoes are an important criterion for Noémie!

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