who are the candidates for this 17th season? (PICTURE)

This Monday, August 22, cheers fans of the romance program Love is in the pasture, will be able to discover the adventures of thirteen new candidates. But who are these farmers?

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Who says new era says new candidates! This Monday, August 22, viewers will discover the first pictures of the long-awaited speed-dating show. Love is in the pasture, on the M6. And if this step excites the fans, it is because it reveals the shy beginnings of the candidates and their suitors – and suitors – who came to meet them. Dating in the countryside is also an opportunity to discover, in more depth, the personalities of these farmers, brewers, breeders, winegrowers, or even grain farmers from all four corners – and corners, sorry we Corsicans – in France. . And for this season 17, no less than thirteen participants – aged 25 to 73 – came to try their luck, in the hope of finding their better half. And although this search sometimes resembles a real Stations of the Cross, the nine men and four women of this 2022 edition did not lose heart! But anyway, who are they?

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Between innovation, great return and shocking journey

In February 2022, M6 broadcast the photos of its new candidates on stream. And among the thirteen participants, some leading, this is the case of Jean-Paul, 70, and his daughter Emmanuelle, 42. Yes, this is a good first for the program that welcomes this very close family duo! Not only in innovation, the show once again opens its doors to a farmer who marked season 10: Thierry and his surprising Provençal accent. But what would a program be without a moving story? And this year, it is the story of Alain – calf breeder in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and father of two children – that will move the public. In 2008, the breeder suffered a tragedy when he witnessed – powerless – the destruction of his farm by fire … Devastated, Alain still managed to climb back up the slope, before being discovered – at 44 – his homosexuality. After three years of relationship, the candidate harbors the hope of finding the perfect partner!

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Love is in the pasture : the other 10 profiles

At 25, Noémie – cereal farmer and baby cow breeder – was the youngest at the time. Originally from Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the rugby-loving young woman is a great romantic, hoping to meet her other half.

At the age of 58, Jean is a breeder of baby cows in Auvergne. Father of two boys and a girl – born from two previous unions – he hopes to find someone to share his life and his love.

Originally from the corner of France, alias Corsica, the smiling Sébastien is a pig breeder, butcher and castanéiculteur (producer of chestnuts). At the age of 35, the young man is tired of his celibacy that has stuck with him for 2 years and hopes to find the charismatic woman with the natural beauty that he dreams of!

For the first time, the show welcomes a master brewer. At the age of 56, Agnès is a bubbly mother of three, who hails from the Grand-Est. After a great love that lasted 30 years, the young woman wants to meet a man who shares her ideals.

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A breeder of suckler cows and Label Rouge poultry, Guillaume is 28 years old and from Limousin. Jovial and always in a good mood, he is the tender heart of this season 17.

Alexandre, the dairy farmer and grain farmer from Normandy is a party animal with a certain attitude! By confessing to Karine Le Marchand, the candidate confesses that he wants to meet a simple, kind and above all, friendly woman!

Like his friend Guillaume “the Limousin”, Guillaume “the Auvergnat” is – at 34 years old – a breeder of suckler cows. But also at the head of an educational farm in his region.

The masculine ideal of Nadège – who, at the age of 30, is an equine inseminator in Brittany – is a typical “rugbyman” profile, protective and charismatic.

And finally, Alain “the Breton”. At the age of 72, the candidate is fond of animals and especially horses. Father of four children from two different women, the candidate is passionate about his work in equi-tourism, which he practices in Brittany.

Get to know them in photos by clicking here.

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

© Cecile Rogue – M6

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