what the candidates said about education and regional languages

Here, in the constituency, is what the candidates for the June 12 and 19 legislative elections have to say, when asked about their absolute priority in the field of education and regional languages.

4th constituency

Sylviane Lopez (RN): “Restore the teaching of French, math and history to the center of programs. Reduce class size and end school closures (20 students per class in elementary and 30 in secondary).»

Paul Darnet (Animalist Party): only made suggestions about the condition of the animal.

Carlos Ribeiro (LO): “For CAC 40 to keep its pink cheeks, education, like all services that benefit the population, is deteriorating at a rapid pace. It’s inevitable. Capitalists have money. But those who do everything have a monopoly. at work. Everyone has their own weapon. My priority is to help the workers – including the teachers – realize that they are a force capable of restoring society. »

Egoitz Urrutikoetxea (EH Bai): “We need to legalize immersive education and amend article 2 of the Constitution, provide local institutions with the means and skills necessary to put in place a strong language policy. Must release the necessary means for inclusion by creating key positions and an AESH status (full-time contract, salary), setting a guaranteed minimum income (RMG) of 1,164 euros for to anyone over 18, including students and increase the salary of all teachers, with the melting of the index point. »

Inaki Echaniz (Nupes): “A plan to invest in the public education service to end the accounting logic of managing our schools is essential: salary increases, recruitment, no school closures or regrouping (RPI) without an agreement with stakeholder school council meetings. (parent, teacher, elected official), protect existing resources for 5 years and add to these resources as needed.Permission is required to pass patent tests and of the baccalaureate in Basque and Occitan. »

Julien Lassalle (Sukol ta!): “History, culture, languages ​​need to be strengthened. Communication, training in manual environmental trades. Organize the return of our graduates. »

Margaux Taillefer (Reconstruction!) : did not respond to our requests.

Valérie Bouchard (Activity for Animals): only made suggestions about the condition of the animal.

Annick Trounday (Born Again): “Supporting young people so that everyone can see their place in our society: a job with the implementation of the youth engagement contract and the development of apprenticeships and work-study programs, making vocational training as a sector of excellence; citizen participation in the development of universal national service and civic services; and support for day-to-day needs aimed at improving self-esteem. »

5th constituency

Benjamin Gil (Sovereignist Party): “My priority in education is to make children learn in the best possible situations. This especially involves the need to restore the often-forgotten basics of writing and arithmetic. Good standards provide good. very citizens and at present these standards have been neglected. Teachers must be given more authority and protection in the face of the challenges that await them, as well as the corresponding salary. »

Sandra Pereira-Ostanel (Nupes) : “The public school will be rebuilt. The public school we want is secular, free and open to all students. Public education came out bloodless from Macron’s five -year term. We need to free ourselves from the dictates of Medef to employ our children by diversifying the training and study offer in our territories. We bring, among other things, the program to the future equally: free university, income for students, access to knowledge for all. »

Philippe Bardanouve (LO): the LO candidates all gave the same answers. See Carlos Ribeiro (4e).

Annick Pillot (Recovery): “My priorities are to support a text of law that will make it possible to restore the teaching of elementary standards, to abolish a college, to restore level classes, to upgrade exams, to to increase the salaries of teachers and to raise the level of their choice. »

Thibault Pathias (Volt): “Provide public financial support to immersive schools in regional languages. Make regions responsible for education staff. Promote efficiency and integration in public schools. Raising our children to welcome schools. Open schools and build bridges to society. Giving back education actors the way to act. Progress towards education without boundaries. Helping kids get on the right track. Enable lifelong learning. »

Pascal Lesellier (RN): “Our students are regressing to international rankings and 10% are almost illiterate. I propose to return French, mathematics and history to the center of education. Education will go with authority. I am in favor of punishing non- biased once repeated, by suspending family allowances and school grants. The patent will be replaced by a post 3rd orientation exam and the Blanquer baccalaureate reform will be abolished: choice and orientation must work together. »

Mathilde Hary (EH Bai): “Ensure immersive education by passing a law that protects it and allows students to take their exams in the language they are studying. Release the necessary means for inclusion by making it important positions and an AESH status (salary, full-time employment, taking into account the seniority and sustainability of the positions) .Parcoursup must be abolished and returned to a system that respects the choice of high school students. Fighting student precariousness: creating a guaranteed minimum income from the age of 18. »

Thomas Riché (Hope RIC): “Lowering standards, overcrowded classes, tired of underpaid teachers, curricula are changed every year, teachers are not replaced, etc. Our education system is doomed and unnecessary. conserving the ways that allow the best for our children.The future of our society depends on it.About immersive education and the use of constitutional revision: of the 22 constitutional revisions since 1958, only one has been submitted to referendum.Although yet, article 89 of the Constitution states: “The amendment shall be final after it has been approved by the referendum.” We request that all proposals for constitutional changes be submitted to the referendum, which is the initiative of the citizens for constitutional changes to be added to this article 89.

Florence Lasserre (Ensemble): “Since 1er In March 2022, the youth engagement contract offered them a monthly grant of 500 euros and personalized support in building their professional project. I want to support our young people in their search for internships, work-study programs and apprenticeships, I will give them time for exchanging companies within my office. I will start a campaign to promote universal national service, a device that allows them to spend on their driver’s license. »

Hélène Susbielle (Sukol ta!) and Sylvie Roubin (Acting for animals) : did not respond to our requests.

6th constituency

Bertrand Soubelet (no label): “The Basque Country does not need to be worried, but it is important to put all teachers in a position to fulfill their mission of passing on knowledge in the best possible state of peace and security. Too many teachers have been left out of the system. education in the face of physical and verbal violence. »

Monique Becker (RN) “It is not the salaries of teachers that are the problem, especially their difficulty in teaching, the lack of respect, the lack of work. The situation of teachers (I am a teacher myself) has become a concern and can no longer evoke a vocation. »

Peio Dufau (EH Bai): on this subject, candidate EH Bai of 6e The constituent made the word statement the same as his party’s candidate’s response to 5e. See Mathilde Hary (5e).

Vincent Bru (Renaissance): “Approval of the European Charter for Regional Languages, which guarantees the teaching of regional languages ​​in the Constitution, settles the Ministry of National Education on the question of permission to take the Basque examinations for Brevet and Baccalauréat.»

Jacqueline Uhart (LO): see Carlos Ribeiro (4e).

Fabrice-Sebastien Bach (LR): “I will work for the creation of a public bank intended to spend on studies with deferred payment after entering working life. I will facilitate the construction of self-funded student residences. managed by institutions of higher education.I will introduce diplomas on each side of our borders to facilitate access to studies and jobs cross-border and I will offer the teaching of Basque in all colleges and high school in our territory. »

Tom Dubois-Robin (Nupes): “Our priority is to recruit, train and provide good teachers. Salary increase of 15%. Lighten workloads and reduce the number of each class. Development of public vocational and technological education. Propose an autonomy allowance of 1,063 euros from the age of 16 for a person separated from the tax house. Education for citizenship. Make the canteen an important place for education, with organic and local menus. Free canteens and school transportation. »

Philippe Jouvet (no label): “Knowledge, innovation and the ability to open up are the strategic resources of the 21ste century. Mathematics has a part to play in this, as does the cultural richness represented in learning regional languages. Providing high quality education to all, by offering real support to those who need it and by advancing the teaching profession, is an important issue for the next term in office. »

Mathis Tenneson (Lives Here): “The priority of our program is to successfully build a body to protect local cultures. To protect and educate without imposition. It is obviously related to regional languages ​​but allows for the integration of all the customs and cultures that have become a treasure in the regions of our country. »

Christine Néel (Reconquest!) : “Raise the value of the lower wage and average wage. »

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