What is left does not exist and Hasan Kahraman is rude, according to GameSpot

You know Abandoned, it is survival panic developed by Blue Box Game Studios, a unique Dutch studio founded by Hasan Kahraman. The title is revealed via the blog playstation (where you only have to pay to show up) and players found possible links to Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear) and the deductible silent Hill.

But since, it was a series of disappointments for the fanswith a Real Time Experience missed: an empty application, includes only a teaser of a few seconds, we are still waiting for the first real trailer and the demo, which is actually a Prologue fees used to spend on developmentleaving. But in the end, better stop waiting.

GameSpot recently published a lengthy article, made after feedback from fans who were apparently on a private discussion group with Hasan Kahraman. And it’s shocking, the players are talking about a group that has become even more toxic, where the founders of Blue Box Game Studios share media fromleavingannouncing that it is fake to test their loyalty. Members described Hasan as a person who quickly changes personality, who becomes violently angry when criticized and comes back to apologize afterwards.. There have also been discussions of cheated partners, including an actor Hasan has a close relationship with and who will make thework of art from Platinum Trophy in the game: the founder would have promised him last March to visit him for two months when he would be free (so when the development of Prologue finished), but nothing more could have been given, and the actor had no more news. Hasan also reportedly contacted a fan in the United States, who promised to pay him $ 1,500 to keep physical copies of Abandoned for a trip across the Atlantic, but that didn’t happen either. High in toxicity, members of the private group woke up one night where one of them, aged 12, allegedly invited another to commit suicide during a voice call to playstation party, and Hasan would not have answered. Besides, he will spend more time playing Rainbow Six Siege and listening to the fans put him on a pedestal than improving his Prologue highly anticipated. But these members would have long been reluctant to say, the error of a non-disclosure agreement signed when joining the group, a contract written in an amateurish manner and with errors, as can be. by Hasan in his press releases.

Abandoned Killing The Offender 18 06 2021

As for the game itself, it’s just as messy. What is left does not exist, Hasan Kahraman will wait to publish the Prologue to get money and start making survival panicwent through many concepts: a man lost in a forest against a sect, an action and spy game Metal Gear Solidan action game with vampires that are somewhat inspired by resident evilthen back to the first idea … The images are always dripping, it’s impossible to know if they’re real visuals or montages made by Hasan, with for example an image with a logo Silent Hill 5. The studio founder will then follow the same routine: he shouted fake in public, then find the private group member behind nitulofire it up and admit to others that the image is real. Fans of the band are now referring to the game left on the wallbecause Hasan almost only shares pictures of the walls.

The ghost game, designer with toxic and questionable behavior, Left to be discussed badly for monthsyou can dismiss it until there is something concrete: probably not dramabut the sad truth behind it Blue Box Game Studiosalready known for canceled games … GameStop in the end that is specific playstation did not respond to his requests, while Hasan declined to comment on anything. If you want a survival panic on the PS5, Tortured Souls sold at € 29.99 each Fnac.

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