What are the best dog crates and kennel accessories in 2022?

Buying a cage or a kennel for your future puppy is not always the first instinct of individuals. However, this type of shelter gives the animal a corner of its own, where it can be quiet.

Choosing an indoor enclosure for your pooch can change your life. If you have a destructive dog, so you can lock it inside its comfortable kennel for a few hours when you are away from (shopping, work, etc.) As for the kennel, it is placed outside at home, in the garden, and allows the animal to enjoy the fresh air in complete safety. Of course, you need to properly design the interior of these dog shelters. Allow yourself to be tempted by comfortable pillows and baskets, bowls attached to the fence or even fans for niches. Do you want to keep your dog away from certain situations, while giving him the most comfortable home possible? Browse quickly the selection of dog accessories, cages and kennels we have prepared for you. You will find the perfect items to turn the interior niche into a real palace.


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The TecTake dog transport cage, with multiple locks

This dog transport cage consists only of mesh walls. The animal can monitor everything that happens around it. In addition, the air circulates normally in the passenger compartment and is not too hot inside the body. The floor tray is made of plastic and easily slides out when it needs to be cleaned. It is completely waterproof and prevents any liquids from leaking into the car. The transport cage has two large doors, at the front and at the side. In addition, once folded, it takes up very little space.

The Gdraven padded dog bed, with a warm and soft cover

The fleece covering this dog cushion is super warm and comfortable. This is the ideal bed for a dog suffering from arthritis. Available in several colors, this rectangular cushion has rounded edges. It has a simple and modern design, which easily fits all types of decoration. Its dimensions are adapted to small dogs and are suitable for a cage of at least 60 cm in length. As the border is slightly raised, the animal can rest its head.

The Dog Copenhagen cage fan, fixed with mesh

This dog fan works with two LR20 batteries (they are not supplied with the device). It offers two different fan speeds and emits less noise. Easy to fix on horizontal bars, this fan adapts to all types of cages and kennels. You can also place it near an open window when the car is stationary. This ergonomic machine measures 9 x 17 x 19 cm: therefore it is very compact, while guaranteeing highly effective ventilation.

The Ellie-Bo dog cover, with a window on the front

This dog crate cover measures 61 x 45.7 x 50.8 cm. It is therefore particularly suitable for small cash registers. Completely waterproof, it also increases the heat inside the cage and prevents drafts from passing through the bars. Easy to put around the crate, this dog cover has a window in the front. Thus the animal can continue to observe its surroundings, while being well sheltered. The cover has a small carrying bag to store it.

What are the differences between a crate and a dog kennel?

Although the dog crate and dog kennel seem to have the same function, there are still differences between these two dog shelters. The cage is smaller than the kennel. In general, the doggie cage is made of metal, and it allows the animal to turn, lie down and sit. There is enough space for the dog to feel comfortable, but he cannot run. It is up to you to open or close the cage depending on the circumstances. It is a temporary shelter for the animal: in any case the cage becomes the dog’s home. Most cages have vertical bars.

The kennel offers more space. It is usually a solid construction, located outside the house or apartment. We put a kennel in a garden, to give the dog its own space. Usually, it is a hut surrounded by a wire fence. On the other hand, some kennels consist of only one large hut, with walls and a roof that protects the animal from rain, wind, and temperature extremes.

How to use a dog crate or kennel?

The cage and the kennel allow the animal to have its own corner, where it is comfortable. In general, individuals lock their doggie there in certain specific circumstances: when guests come to the house, for example, to prevent him from jumping on them. The kennel can also be very useful if the garden fence is not high enough and the pooch has a runaway temper.

If you don’t want your pet to sleep at home, create a comfortable outdoor kennel for it, with its favorite toys and cousins. Does your dog not tolerate loneliness and cause havoc in your home? He will get used to going to his crate, even when you are there. This way, you can install it there in a few hours, if you don’t have it.

Be careful, the cage should not be a place of punishment. Don’t lock your dog in there if he makes a mistake! If he associates this place with the feeling of being blamed, he will not be comfortable there.

What are the types of accessories for a dog crate or kennel?

If your dog’s outdoor dog house or kennel is located in a windy area, it is recommended that you purchase a windproof cover. This type of dog accessory attaches to the top of the shelter and protects the animal from drafts.

Also choose a comfortable pillow or basket. As the dog has to spend a lot of time there, he should be able to live comfortably.

Don’t have air conditioning at home? Good news for your pet, there are cage fans. Just glue it to the grid to give the dog a useful coolness.

You can find all these dog accessories in a pet store or online, on special sites.

What should you pay attention to when buying an accessory for a dog cage or kennel?

When you buy a dog crate or a kennel for your pooch, you need to pay attention to the dimensions of this shelter. Of course, if you have a Chihuahua, you don’t need a large cage like if you are raising a German Shepherd.

Also check the finish of the niche. There should be no sharp edges that could harm the animal. Make sure the facility is easy to clean, made from materials that won’t fade, and is durable and resistant.

Also, make sure the closing system is good. The dog must not be able to open itself.

How long can a dog stay in its crate or kennel?

You can leave your pooch in his dog crate for a few hours. Vets and breeders generally talk about a maximum of five hours straight for puppies, eight hours for adult dogs.

If your dog stays locked in his crate for a long time, he may develop behavioral problems as well as physical problems. If he does not exercise, he will gain weight. In addition, a dog that is tired all day can fall into depression.

As the kennel offers more space and is set up as a real home, you can leave your pooch there for longer. Of course, it is important to bring him every day to share good times with him, while allowing him to stretch his legs.

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