What are the best brushes for dogs with long hair in 2022?

It is important to brush your dog’s fur regularly, especially if your dog has long hair. Grooming sessions help remove knots, but also stimulate blood circulation and remove dead undercoat. For this, you need to be well equipped.

Between the double comb, the boar bristle brush, the nylon brush or the brush with rounded metal tips, there are many to choose from. However, all these grooming accessories have a different purpose and they must be used in the right order to restore all its shine and softness to the coat of your long-haired dog. To make the right choice, choose brushes and combs with ergonomic, non-slip handles. There are also self-cleaning models: just click a button for all the dead hair collected on the teeth of the brush to attach and fall into the trash. Are you welcoming a young collie soon? They are very elegant dogs, very long hair. Complete his grooming kit today by purchasing all the brushes needed to maintain this beautiful coat.


  1. The easiest to use
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  4. Good value for money
  5. The most ergonomic

The Makerfire dog brush, with a self-cleaning system

When you press the button under the handle, the brush plate moves up along the teeth, removing all the hairs it catches at the same time. Then they gather into a ball and you can throw it without getting it anywhere. Excellent, the teeth of this dog grooming brush penetrate the undercoat, while breaking up the hairs on top. The handle is round, to perfectly adapt to the shape of the palm. In addition, it is covered with a non-slip rubber layer.

Canndure is a long-haired dog brush, with two side teeth

This brush has two rows of teeth. The first 9 remove stubborn knots while the other 17 gently remove dead hair. It has an ergonomic handle, adapted to the shape of the palm, with a non-slip coating. If you plan to store this brush by fixing it on the wall, nothing could be simpler: its handle has a small attachment hole. Finally, its teeth are made of stainless steel, which means it does not rust, is very durable and easy to clean.

The Pecute dog brush, with its matching comb

The brush has a first row of 12 teeth, which gently removes tangles, and a second row of 23, tighter teeth, which removes dead hair. The teeth have a rounded tip, so as not to damage the skin during the grooming session. In addition, the teeth of both the brush and the comb are made of stainless steel, which guarantees them to be strong and light. In addition, they benefit from an anti-rust coating. These two grooming accessories are easy to hold and do not tire the wrist.

The Morpilot dog brush, with rounded teeth

This double rake brush has stainless steel teeth, rounded at the end, which avoids hurting the dog’s skin. Regarding its handle, it promotes a pleasant grip, thanks to its non-slip and grooved coating. Made of eco-friendly material, this long fur dog brush is 18cm long. With its width of 8.5 cm, it allows you to reach the most difficult to reach places, such as the armpits and the stomach. You can use it on puppies as well as adult animals.

The BluePet dog brush, 3-in-1

This versatile dog brush allows for thinning, trimming and brushing. So it combines many brushes in one. You can remove the tight feeling of the skin and get rid of all the knots that form hairballs. It is available in several colors and its ergonomic handle has a non-slip coating. This one also includes a small hole on its upper part, very practical for fixing the brush on the wall. To clean the brush, simply rinse it under running water. His teeth are not rusted!

Why brush your long haired dog?

Brushing your long-haired dog gently removes fur at regular intervals. In fact, knots form more easily in long hair than in short hair. This dog care is also important to eliminate dead undercoat, especially during moulting. In addition, you remove the dust and all the small dirt that finds refuge in the fur of your faithful companion.

In addition, by brushing your animal, you will notice the presence of any wounds or irritations on its skin. Not only that, because brushing the epidermis stimulates blood circulation.

Finally, dog brushing can be a truly privileged and complex moment between a doggie and his master. About to get a dog massage! It is important to get your pet used to it from a young age, so that he can easily accept the path of different brushes throughout his body.

How to groom a long haired dog?

First of all, present the long-haired dog brush to your doggie, so that he can smell it and understand that he is not in danger. Then lay him on his side, and start brushing the bottom of his paws, in the opposite direction of hair growth. Go to the side, then brush in the opposite direction, following the hair this time.

You can brush the chest and belly, always gently. If you find a knot, put down the brush and brush yourself. Hold the strand between your fingers to avoid pulling the hairs, then remove them with a comb. If that doesn’t work, it needs to be cut with scissors.

Once you’ve brushed your dog’s entire coat, all that’s left is the final touch: smoothing with a boar bristle brush. He is the one who gives softness and softness to the fur.

What are the differences between a brush and a comb for long-haired dogs?

The comb and the brush are two essential accessories for grooming a long-haired dog.

While the comb has a single row of teeth, carefully aligned, the brush can carry several hundred teeth, arranged in many rows. There are also double combs, with two different tooth spacings. These two healing tools do not have the same functionality.

The comb allows you to detangle long hairs and care. As for the brush, it is used to remove dead hair and dust. Choose a brush that is appropriate for your pet’s hair length. Warning: if the teeth are too fine, they will have a hard time removing dead hair and brushing will not be effective.

How to brush a dog without getting hurt?

Before running the brush through your dog’s hair, you can run your hands through his fur to remove as many knots as possible. This way, there is no risk of pulling her hair with the teeth of the brush! The animal is grateful.

You can also use a detangling treatment after shampooing your pooch. This will make your job easier. This type of treatment does not require rinsing.

If there are too many knots in your dog’s fur or if your dog is very messy, make an appointment with a professional groomer.

How often should you brush your long haired dog?

If you have a dog with long hair, such as a husky, a shetland sheepdog or a collie, it is recommended to brush it daily. This allows you to maintain your coat, so that it retains its softness and shine. In addition, this way you can collect the dead hair before it falls on the floor of your house. Of course, there is no need to spend hours brushing your dog every day! A light brush stroke on the back and sides is enough.

On the other hand, you should know that dogs moult twice a year, in autumn and spring. The spring moult allows the coat to lighten before the heat of summer. As for the fall moult, it makes way for the arrival of new thick and warm hairs. During this time, you should spend time grooming your animal, not only to avoid finding hair anywhere in the house, but also because the dead hair left on the skin prevents its aeration.

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