we saw speed-dating images in the preview

Prime start for speed dating! After discovering the thirteen farmers in February during the broadcast of the pictures, we will see them more than six months later on Monday, August 22 at 9:10 pm on M6, for the start of the 17 season of “Love is in the meadow” . We got a sneak preview of these lovebirds.

This year, participants will open their letter at home. Then, we will not change the habits: it was in Paris, on a barge in the Seine, that they met their suitors and suitors.

Jean, the one who makes us laugh

Among the nine men and four women from all over France looking to find love, the one that amused and touched us the most when discovering the first quotes was undoubtedly Jean. Remember his picture: at the age of 58, he is a breeder of baby cows in the Rhône. First surprise when he saw Karine Le Marchand in Paris: her teeth had changed since the photo shoot. So with a new smile he discovered Paris for the first time. He hadn’t even taken the TGV before the show.

M6 gently mocks his frankness when he discovers the Eiffel Tower, the cobblestones, the traffic jams, the barge… And when those who wrote him confront him for speed dating, he appears who is very shy, hardly able to engage in conversation. It was as if he had been teleported to another planet. Will he talk more when the opponents come to his house?

Noémie, the one who couldn’t think of herself here

Giving the show a facelift is Noémie, 25 and the youngest at the time. The cereal farmer and suckler cow breeder in Jura, he told us that his friends applied for the casting without telling him: “In my life I have never registered! Being on television is against his behavior, his lack of self-confidence. “I still can’t say to myself that I will be seen on television every Monday,” he told a press conference.

But the letters full of compliments he received seemed to have a magical effect on his self-esteem. “Seeing that we like it feels good…” She also read a lot of encouraging messages on social networks after publishing her photo, to speed dating, she felt good about herself. “Against all odds, I’m zen. I feel like I have confidence.” We wish him the best of luck throughout the adventure.

Thierry, we find seven years later

The one you will never forget and who never fails to make us laugh is Thierry (a bad fate!), seven years after his first participation in “L’Amour est dans le pré”. Knowing that this second chance is not offered to everyone, this winegrower and arboriculturist from Vaucluse started filming with high expectations. “In speed dating, we play with our lives, we must not miss each other…”, he underlined in a press conference.

Karine Le Marchand says that if she was chosen to participate a second time, it was partly because she remained all these years in contact with M6, which can be seen in “L’Amour vu du pré”, but also the fact that his love story ended badly in 2015, with a suitor who had no serious intentions. This gives the impression that “we stole his time”, believes Karine Le Marchand. “We led him before he was taken for the second participation. He moulted for several months with the psychologist of the show. “We have to review his expectations with him: he will not look for a young woman, wasp-waisted and wearing a leopard, her fantasy at the time of 10. Will it pay off this time?

And some…

We will also attend tonight and in the coming weeks the speed dating of many other farmers, which are sometimes original casting, such as Jean-Paul and Emmanuelle, the father and daughter of Moselle who are both looking for love Besides Noémie, many young people participated this year: Sébastien, Guillaume du Limousin, Alexandre, Guillaume l’Auvergnat and Nadège all 28 and 36 years old.

The season promises to be full of emotions and laughter. As Karine Le Marchand summarized: “Post-Covid, we really need love stories, hands touching each other … and rolling the shovel! »

“Love is in the grass”, presented by Karine Le Marchand, from this Monday August 22 at 9:10 pm on M6.

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