Wage portage, a hybrid status that is in growing demand


The development of new forms of employment, driven by the turmoil of the health and economic crisis, confirms the need for a state that can support this transition. Combining autonomy and security, wage portage offers a balance between freelance and employee work that is highly valued.

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A very good situation

In its latest report, Ursaaf counted nearly 4 million self-employed, most of whom are registered under the AE (Self-employed) scheme. A choice adopted for reasons of simplicity and freedom, but whose interests remain very limited. More complicated and expensive, the EI or EIRL (Individual company, with limited liability or not), the EURL (Single-member company with limited liability) and the SASU (Single-member simplified joint-stock company) joined this same independent regime. .favorable and destined to disappear.

A simple salary portage simulation can help you measure the advantages you can, on the other hand, derive from the status of the brought employee. Offered free of charge by Cegelem, it allows you to immediately estimate the net salary you can earn by claiming an ADR (minimum daily rate) of € 300. Against the very attractive management fee of 4% (i.e. half of the fees charged by the profession), you benefit from full social security coverage (social security rights, unemployment, retirement) while maintaining your professional freedom. .

A particularly suitable solution

By opting for the supported employee status, now highly recognized and controlled, you retain your freedom of business and your client’s portfolio. You just need to inform them at the beginning of the mission and dedicate yourself to it so that the portage company will invoice the client and pay you in return after getting its commission. This three party contract insures you against non -payment and exempts you from all administrative, accounting and tax duties. Thus you can improve your own area of ​​expertise and increase the benefits associated with it.

Many employees are turning the initial constraints of teleworking and hybrid work (face to face and distance) into opportunities to set up as a freelancer. The termination of the RSI (Social scheme for the self-employed), the exemptions from the CFE (Property contribution for companies) and the Action plan in favor of the self-employed remain despite being too strict to come up with satisfactory solutions. On the contrary, all indicators agree that wage portage, a hybrid condition, is likely to self -imposed in the long term.

A growing trend

Born in the late 1980s, wage portage has experienced a revival in recent years marked by significant and regular growth (more than 20% per year). By 2022, there will be more than 300 independent companies, organized into groups or affiliated with them. These are also hybrid forms, including some leaders who have gained the trust of self -employed workers and their clients. From now on, becoming a supported employee involves a quasi-refuge status in relation to the economic situation accompanied by more services.

By advancing to get closer to digital-related professions, from developer to community manager, wage portage is perhaps the most conducive to new forms of current and future employment. In addition to the advantages offered by local entrepreneurs, it is especially suitable for expatriate employees and digital nomads. By proposing a legal framework for these declining practices, it authorizes in particular the payment and full transfer of salaries and the expatriation bonus (IE) is sometimes denied abroad.

An umbrella company created in 2018’s and for the self-employed, Cegelem has formed a larger and more dynamic community around it. It offers members all the advantages of groups while promoting a human approach. With several physical agencies spread throughout France and an international presence, the portage company has positioned the net while offering work and meeting places to its employees. Services and support that evolve and continuously improve the customer relationship.

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