Vincent (Love is in the pasture) is worried, interesting about the loss of his last child …

Vincent, a candidate who is not affiliated with Internet users

If Vincent joins Love is in the pasture, it is the search for love. In theory at least. By discovering his character on the show, some Internet users have expressed some doubts. After meeting the women who wanted to talk to him, he chose Hafsa and the young Natacha. The first left immediately when he realized he had a real attraction to his opponent. But the latter, who thought he was starting a beautiful romance, ended up disappointed. In question? Vincent’s behavior, which was more attracted to his partner’s body than to his discussion.

While she is glad that she learned more about him by discovering his relatives and especially his sister, Vincent did not hide his indifference. She spends the night with him, but leaves the next day. Something shocking on the web. Internet users accused the candidate of choosing the young woman in hopes of having sex with her. ‘The worst contestant on the show »Can we read at that time, while others have more money:

So 48 hours after baking the biscuit he said ‘we’ll keep in touch’ he dared to say smiling, a modern bastard “,” So thank you Vincent for marking all the boxes with amazing asshole !! So Twittosphere is right, he took the youngest and most beautiful to shoot and dumped her 24 hours after he was ridiculed. Courage Natacha you may be worthy“,” I’m the best asshole of all time, right?“.

Vincent recently broke up with Justine

We found out a few weeks ago. Vincent, who once had a relationship with a young woman named Justine, is now single. On Instagram, he explained that they separated, but remained close: ” Unfortunately I had to announce this sad news because I had received so many messages about my relationship with Justine. Now, life has decided that our paths will part. We are not angry and I hope to return to such good times one day. I believe in life and I hope the days are happier. I now tell my children and my horses my life. Justine, you will remain for me someone who means so much. »

But the latter also speaks and his version is not the same. In a somewhat mysterious message, we learn that he blamed Vincent for his behavior: ” Any separation is hard to live with, but its exposure and thirst for fame sometimes make these things disrespectful despite false pretense.. Nowadays, we know our separation through simple messages, by deleting photos from networks, and the violence of disrespect occurs, the image used for many views, for many followers, and it’s all for ego purposes. . But the main thing is to know the real truth, one that can never be revealed because the main thing is to pretend to be beautiful people. The backstage of the show provided anyone who wanted to watch it and believed that it was less beautiful than reality distorted due to a lack of courage, respect and frankness.. »

Vincent is worried, his puppy is gone

Worse, Vincent is faced with the sad news, he says he has “ a couple of nerves this morning“. Why? Because her puppy is missing: Lost the little puppy, James, we will look anywhere with my son. Unintelligible, I don’t know how he left. I don’t know if it was stolen from me or what, I don’t know. If anyone sees this please contact me. I hope we see him soon“.

Not sure Justine will help him find his animal because he seems to be really in trouble with him, by seeking fame. Is this why Vincent joined Love in the pasture? Maybe we don’t know. We hope she can soon find her pet in good health, but also find love.

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