VIDEO. A bichon was killed halfway by two other dogs in Ablaincourt-Pressoir


GAëtan Lemaire is a broken, broken man. Single with no children, troubled by health concerns, her only joy in life is her little dog, Mignon, a 5-year-old Maltese. ”
He was my only companion
“, Says this crying resident of Ablaincourt-Pressoir.

He spoke last season, because on Saturday April 23, Mignon was killed. ”
I just got home and, as always, I took Mignon to walk him down the street. There was no traffic on my lonely road, so I got used to not leasing him
“. He still wants it. Taking advantage of his master’s momentary indifference, Mignon is attracted to a house where two dogs are wandering behind the fence. 4:11 pm, that’s the drama.

“I don’t even have time to react”

A first dog, an American Staffordshire, a second category dog, broke through the fence and attacked Mignon, who did not match it. Less than a second later, the Maltese was bitten. Five seconds later, this time a crusader grabbed Mignon, violently bit him in the back of the neck and began shaking him in all directions for about twenty seconds. “
I was so surprised at the intensity of the attack that I no longer had time to react. I rushed to Mignon to help him, I was bitten on the finger. There were two men who immediately came out of the house, to deliver my dog


Mignon was eventually released, but he was covered in blood. The whole scene was captured by CCTV at home.

One of the two men reacted and took Gaetan Lemaire and his dog to a veterinarian in Rosières-en-Santerre. ”
My dog ​​died a few minutes into my arms. It couldn’t be more shocking. I will never forget her cries, her screams
“. The veterinarian’s report confirmed the animal’s death before it arrived. A dog appeared
a neck injury, holes in the other side, broken rib and suspected ruptured lung

Mignon is an adorable little dog aged 5 and a month

In front of the veterinarian, the two men at home tried to contact Gaetan Lemaire to hear from Mignon. He refuses to see them. ”
I was in such a state, it was impossible for me to talk to them after what their dogs had done. Although I knew that the one who killed me belonged to the son of one of the two men
“. Gaetan Lemaire called a friend, who took him to the gendarmerie in Chaulnes, to file a complaint. He returned there this Tuesday, April 26 in the morning.

Gaetan Lemaire went to the gendarmerie on Tuesday morning to file a complaint
Gaetan Lemaire went to the gendarmerie on Tuesday morning to file a complaint – (photo VINCENT FOUQUET).

I collapsed. Even if it was the first time these two dogs had come out of this house, they could have attacked a child
“. The gendarmerie discovered that the dog that killed Mignon, a second category dog, was not declared, that the town hall did not issue a detention permit. He will conduct his investigation and send it to the prosecutor’s office, which is decide on the follow-up to be provided in this case.

So Gaetan Lemaire wants things to move: “
I can’t blame the dogs, who are irresponsible, but their owners need to be aware of the risks they pose to others. I’m not going to go one way for the money, I’m not involved. If I touch something, I will donate the fund to the association like SPA or the Brigitte Bardot Foundation I am contacting. I don’t want that kind of drama to happen again


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