Two dogs and two cats will be adopted this week at the SPA de l’Eure

Each week, discover four residents in the hideout of the Ebroïcienne association for the protection of animals. They introduce themselves to trying to find a new family.

Isis, a refugee lacking landmarks

“Pssst, you! Yes, you, who are a staunch defender of the animal cause. You’re looking for me, aren’t you? My name is Isis, and I’m from Romania. So I made a long trip for here, I will be given a chance to integrate and family will know how to offer me a place in their heart.

In my country of origin, I was already placed in a shelter where, sadly, I could not find my place, alienating others and always being under the influence of a potential attack. This group membership can put my life in danger sometimes. So my progress was slower than that of my Romanian colleagues who had come with me to Évreux. I’m on reserve and I have a fear of being trusted. So an understanding family can be the basis of my new life. AND gentleness and perseverance are the key words.

I’m never bad, even in tense situations. On the other hand, I will need a little more time before joining a new home. Many visits were even needed so I could get out of my shell and allay my fears. In any case, I accept the caresses! Thanks to Laetitia and other volunteers, I was able to forget my worries, little by little. So if my story touches you and you’re willing to open your arms to me, I’m yours! Oh, one last thing: it’s better if I’m the only dog ​​in the house. Or go with a more understanding congener and heart teacher. »

Falastatt, looking for a warm place

“Good day ladies and gentlemen. I’m Falastatt, a little guy who’s a little angry but just wants to regain people’s trust and receive a lot of love. You should know I’m having a hard time with the necklace: I’m scared what would happen to me if it was taken away.And if I was given cupcakes, I realized so quickly that I had already caught the fingers of my volunteers.I’m not at fault: I’m dog character and maybe I’ve been hit.It can all be solved by in education sessions and a family that would set limits for me.

I want a quiet, non -invasive family that understands my need to be independent, my need for gentleness. He had to be patient but strong. With all the progress I’ve made, I’m just looking for hugs and scratches on my own! In fact, I prefer to stay quiet in my basket or have fun in the garden, the only places where I’m comfortable.

Do you like dogs with nature and are you willing to give me a chance to get out of it? I found friends, also misunderstood, found their place in a family. That gives me hope. Come quickly and confirm to me that I am right in believing this. »

Nutella, for trust

“Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself: Nutella, adopted but returned to hiding … Of course, I had a hard time with this return and I lost confidence. My yesterday was not very happy. I was found wandering around Guadeloupe in 2017, then an association there put me safe and I, along with some of my friends, were welcomed by SPAE. I was a tall, leggy and very thin twink, which gave me a stand full of panache.

Right now, I’m traumatized when I get back in the box and scared of the man, who remains frozen. But I’m not aggressive. Only a patient and calm family can restore my confidence by going through the episodes. This is the solution to my discomfort. So if my yesterday touches you and you recognize yourself in the image of my future masters, do not hesitate to contact me. »

Radja, gang leader

“Hello to you, having discovered my profile, I hope, an immediate crush! Me, this is the wonderful Radja. You may already know my sisters, also available for adoption: Jannah and Bagheera. We are a beautiful trio waiting for families to give us the life we ​​deserve.

Like my sisters, I had to go through a period of fear represented to me by imprisonment and unknown faces. Today, I am a kitten who enjoys making eye contact and most of all, I am always in need of caresses and attention. A real family cat just like we like them! I was described as the most reprehensible of the three, and I even held the position of group leader. So I’m the type to really understand situations and adapt to them. I seek satisfaction within a harmonious home, with people wishing me well. This paradise exists, I know it. The proof? One of my sisters has already found her family, to her greatest joy. »

Two hundred dogs and cats are waiting for a dedicated owner at the Évreux Animal Protection Society. This can be adopted in return for the amount that covers veterinary costs. The dog was amputated, vaccinated and neutered: € 190; cut, vaccinated and sterilized female dog: € 260; neutered, vaccinated and amputated cats: € 110; sterilized, vaccinated and slaughtered cats: € 160. Arrangements are possible if there is adoption of older dogs and cats. Bring ID and new proof of address.

Refuge de la Censurière: 17, rue de Huest, sa Évreux. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 2 pm to 4:30 pm Tel. 02 32 39 07 17.

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