Training witches, girls falling in love and more from hundreds of projects

Insight is the most valuable thing for the indie developer community. Get people to see and care about your projects, to put them on their wish lists and feed God’s algorithm so that they come out more prominent and reach a much wider audience to get the sales they need to continue to operate. Promotion during development is important, and many small teams don’t have the resources available to do so, so small initiatives like #PitchYaGame are a real balm.

Twice a year, the organizers, led by the founder, Liam Twose, will launch a concentrated effort to provide visibility to independent development projects via Twitter. The conditions for participation are simple: by posting a tweet with a hashtag and a presentation of your project, you are in the game. From there, a first, second, and third prize will be selected, along with a list of finalists, even if the prize for everyone is to get, hopefully, more exposure.

Despite the fact that this year’s first edition has no prize money like other occasions, hundreds of games have been presented and we can now highlight some of them that we believe should be followed, even if we can still choose and a dozen pa.

Mika and the Witch’s Hill

Valencian studio Chibig, creator of Summer in the Mara, continues to grow and become an independent benchmark. Together with another Valencian team, Nukefist, they created this original game in which we teamed up a sorcerer to train, using his basic knowledge of magic to provide services and transport objects to a small island. (described by its creators as a cross between Death Stranding. and Ghibli).

Pink Cottage

A graphic adventure in a Victorian mansion with a unique setting and aesthetic.


Aya, a shy girl with anxiety issues, arrives at a new high school in her senior year ready to start all over again and make good memories. When she arrives, she finds that the most famous and unique women in the class have noticed her. Chance? Not at all, our heroine doesn’t want to know anything about romance, but she also doesn’t want to be without a friend … Will she be able to keep love without breaking everyone’s heart? A unique twist on date sims.


In WW1 horror we have to survive in a ditch, manage scarce resources, solve puzzles and stay alive in an ancient horror -saving experience.

Flower Knight Hú Dié

A visual novel with unique art and RPG elements set in a city trying to thrive after a disaster and whose protagonist becomes, against her will, a Magical Girl, granted status and power he did not want because of the guilt he felt at the loss of his best friend.

coffee story ep 2

Second part of this narrative adventure where we interact with our interlocutors on the other side of a bar. The first stands out because of its beautiful setting and the quality of its stories, even if it lacks many possibilities and interactions, which this second part seems to want to discuss.

Runic Swordsman Illya

A metroidvania where we explore a huge world, cook different foods and steal spells from our enemies.

Decrease Trips

A colorful fusion of brawler and 2D platformers where a puppet must punch his fists to save a world that is about to collapse.

You can find many other suggestions via the hashtag #pitchyagame. If you find something that catches your eye and it has a Steam entry, don’t worry about listing it, it’s no cost but a great help for developers. Also retweeting or following teams ’accounts is more than welcome.

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