Toyota wins Automotive Customer Relations Podium in 2022 | NEwS

Toyota won for the ninth time “the 1st Podium prize for Customer Relations in the automotive sector” combined with Kantar TNS and BearingPoint.

The automotive sector got the very best mark behind insurance and recorded a slight increase in trend compared to last year.

Among the brands ranked, Dacia and Kia have clearly improved and risen significantly in the rankings.

The gap narrowed to the category leader, which remained Toyota.

The Japanese factory, which had a start, remained the title winner in the automotive sector but recorded a low trend, taking it off the General Podium.

Toyota stands primarily on the following criteria: traceability, proactivity, personalization and the autonomy afforded to its employees.

These criteria relate to the three main pillars of this study: Implementation (delivering the right experiences, at the right time, in the right place); the Link (ability to maintain the link with its customers); Emotions (touching customers to the heart).

On a daily basis, at each dealership in the Toyota distribution network, a meeting has a single theme of “customers” to ask the following questions vis-à-vis those met the previous day and those expected the same day: what are their demands? How to satisfy them? How to give them the best service.

In addition, each month, Toyota sends each dealership a study called “The voice of the customer” that summarizes all the comments, positive and negative, collected by the establishment.

Finally, the Kaizen application – constantly evolving – enables constant self -questioning thanks to customer verbatim collected across various communication channels (satisfaction surveys, GooglemyBusiness comments, etc. yet) and thus implement the actions. corrective.

The 15 criteria studied by Kantar and BearingPoint with 229 companies to identify those that provide the best quality in their relationships with their customers are related to the three main families of the study: Implementation (knows how to provide experiences that are fair and); the Link (ability to create a link); Emotions (touching customers to the heart).

For Hervé Forzani, Customer Experience and Network Director at Toyota France, “Toyota relies on two foundational pillars: a foundation of strong values, dedicated to customer consideration, which allows it to offer this extremely high level of satisfaction and a dedicated dealer network. to deliver, day-to-day, memorable experiences.In the service and design of our vehicles, we bring the same strength and the same attention to detail, this is what allows us to see our efforts as welcomed. also. It is a great satisfaction for our teams to work daily in this direction. »

The Customer Relations Podium rewards big brands that, in their day-to-day lives, excel in customer relations. BearingPoint, Kantar, in partnership with Salesforce, surveyed more than 4,000 customers about the quality of the relationship that binds them to the companies. 11 activity sectors were assessed on common performance criteria: insurance, automotive, banking, specialized distribution, mass distribution, transport, service company, public service, platform & e-commerce, tourism and real estate.

1,000 employees were also interviewed to assess their perspective on customer relations within their companies.

The study was conducted at the end of 2021 with a sample of 4,000 customers and users from 229 companies and administrations of BearingPoint and TNS Sofres.

SOURCE : Study conducted by BearingPoint – TNS Sofres at the end of 2021 with 4,000 customers and users from 229 companies and administrations, representative of the population of France, in 11 sectors: Insurance / Automotive / Banking / Specialist distribution / Real estate / E-commerce platform / Corporate services / Retail / Tourism / Public services / Transport.


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