Tomorrow is here: “The Chinese sent me messages”, Dimitri Fouque responds to the madness around Jack and Rayane

While the rapprochement between Jack and Rayane attracted the fans of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Dimitri Fouque, the interpreter of Jack, returned for us the impressive event that “Jayane” awakened in social networks around the world.

While the life of François Lehaut became a nightmare in the main plot of Tomorrow belongs to us, another arc attracted similar fans of TF1’s daily soap opera. And Internet users around the world.

It is apparently about the rapprochement between Jack (Dimitri Fouque) and Rayane (Sasha Birdy) who, after a complicated start in high school, began to make a beautiful friendship. And, in passing, touched the hearts of millions of viewers and Internet users across the planet.

For about two weeks now, video montages of scenes with “Jayane”, often subtitled in English or Spanish so that foreign audiences can enjoy this touching relationship, have been popping up everywhere on TikTok and Twitter. And some of them have reached an impressive number of views.

This event, reminiscent of what happened in Skam France and the Lucas-Elliott relationship, clearly did not escape anyone on the side of TF1 and the production of Tomorrow is his. And Dimitri Fouque, one of the two main interested parties, reacts on our microphone to this rather crazy madness.

“Jayane” is melting the whole world

“It’s crazy. It’s really amazing. I have Chinese people sending me messages, drawing drawings of me and Sasha, it’s pretty crazy (laughs). people from all over the world, really. I find it pretty funny- there”says that Jack Roussel’s role in Tomorrow is ours since the summer of 2021.

“I know that this series is watched by a lot of people, but it’s still going on. And I think it’s good, because it means that the relationship between Jack and Rayane is working on the screen and it touches people . Beyond France and beyond people who usually look at DNA”.

“There are Twitter accounts that subtitle our scenes, Internet users all over the world are looking for extracts subtitled in such and such a language, it’s crazy”, continues Dimitri Fouque, amused, kept his feet on the ground in front of this event that has never been seen in the history of French soap opera. “All this shows that the Jack-Rayane relationship, and Tomorrow is ours in a wider way, will touch people. I have received many beautiful messages, it just makes me happy”.

“A relationship between two young gay men who live in humor, love and light, it’s great to see”

But then, why is the “Jayane” couple, which is not really one because Jack and Rayane have not talked about their possible feelings for each other, seduce the public, and many young people around the world?

“There is clearly an important aspect of representation, with young and gay characters”explains Dimitri Fouque, whose character experienced many disappointments before crossing paths with Rayane, and even had to face a forced exit. “This relationship between Jack and Rayane is shown in a hyper positive, super sunny way, especially through the character of Rayane who is very strong”.

“Even though it’s not all rosy, because Jack lost his sight, there’s a lot of positivity and caring that comes out of this relationship. I think that’s why people appreciate Jack and Rayane. A relationship between two young gay men who live in humor, love and light, it’s great to see”.


Sasha Birdy (Rayane) and Dimitri Fouque (Jack) in the Friday February 3 episode.

Represented with great precision and emotion, both in the plots and in the hyper modern dialogues put in the mouths of the two characters, the relationship “Jayane” clearly owes a lot to the work of the screenwriters, managed by director of the collection Nicolas Brossette and the producer of the soap opera, Aude Thévenin.

But the obvious chemistry between Dimitri Fouque and Sasha Birdy, who joined the soap at the end of last year, certainly also explains why the public is melting for the (slow) harmony between Jack and Rayane, which might not finished. in the way of their possible love.

And if Dimitri Fouque admits that the current passed immediately between his playing partner, he also explains that the fact that they “very different” in life it also serves as a relationship on the screen.

“What’s funny is that we are very different, Sasha and I. And that’s what made it into the image. I talked about it with the directors of the series and they told me that it gives, according to them, comfort in The relationship The fact that we are different, that we have a different strength, that we experience things differently, that creates something strong. It’s pretty cool, it allows you to have this super cool relationship, that people love”.

A relationship that promises to keep fans very excited for the next few weeks. Although a romantic realization is clearly not at the moment.

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