Three of the eye drops for dogs in mineral water: what we know about the toxic life irritating Le Cannet

Five apartments have come to life

Small drops of eye wash shorten the lives of older women against a backdrop of life annuities. It’s a legal scenario worthy of a thriller between the Marie Besnard affair, the poison (acquitted) of Loudin who is accused of killing his relatives using arsenic, and Pierre Tchernia’s film The life annuity, which has been debated since Monday May 23 before the Assize Court of the Alpes-Maritimes and whose verdict is awaited this Friday May 27.

Already sentenced, on appeal, to twenty-five years in criminal prison on February 27, 2020, for the attempted murder of Suzanne Bailly, 85, Olivier Cappelaere is once again facing juries in Nice.

Is this 52-year-old man a serial poisoner? Has he once again distilled death into small doses to get rid of Jacqueline, 92, his beloved whom he calls his “godmother of heart”? Did he shorten the life of the childless widow living in Le Cannet who appointed him as his universal legatee?

There should always be multiple annuities in life to reduce the so -called centenary risk.“. A reflection was signed by Olivier Cappelaere, an unemployed business manager, during his trial before the Assize Court of Appeal.

The then 50-year-old man apparently found a solution to reduce the risk and to avoid (also) delaying the payment of a monthly pension to Suzanne Bailly: to get rid of Suzanne by providing atropine, a molecule present in eye drops for dogs.

You always need a lot of life annuities, he said. He, the former boss of a family wholesale meat business, married, had no children, then owned a house in Le Cannet and five apartments acquired for life. At the risk of the centenary, so he knew his stuff.

His open investments cost him. Dear. Very sure.

It therefore weakens the term of this particular form of sale of real estate whose transfer of full ownership of the property is associated with the death of the annuitant.

A pensioner and his caretaker escaped death

Prior to the Assize Court of Appeal, the investor specializing in life annuity was sentenced to 25 years in prison (compared to 20 years before the Assize Court of the Alpes-Maritimes), for pouring the mineral. water of one of its creditors of atropine. A poison found overdosing on the old woman’s body, is in medicine intended for a bulldog …

The man admitted to entering Suzanne Bailly’s home at the residence “La Sérénité” in Le Cannet, and left her empty-handed on April 7, 2015 with eye drops of mineral water.

No way “to kill him but to make him sick“, He defended himself during debates before jurors. The elderly man was hospitalized on February 10 and March 22.

The doctors caring for the victim were quick to smile. When Suzanne Bailly complained of the same symptoms to the caretaker of the building, the two found the mineral water bitter. The taste of death put in small doses.

A search conducted at Olivier Cappelaere’s home then revealed the presence of bottles of eye drops that he said were intended for his dog.

What about the vague internet research on the dangers of drugs? Simple curiosity will tempt the accused. In vain.

At the hearing, Suzanne Bailly, who survived the worst, said she did not hate him. It’s not like Suzanne feels hate.

But the anger is yes … “He ruined the end of my life“, he confirmed in front of someone he trusted completely.I can’t imagine dealing with a rude. And he called himself a good man (…). He wanted me to die. He wanted the apartment free of charge“.

Olivier Cappelaere is facing twenty years criminal imprisonment for the first time, twenty-five years on appeal.

A serial poisoner?

But the life annuity poisoner dossier is now united in the plural. The man with a turbulent past who freely recomposes his past lies about his baccalaureate taking, about the source of his HIV contamination or about his financial situation is at the heart of another file.

File Jacqueline Imbert, a 92-year-old retiree, also from Cannet, near Olivier Cappelaere, who died on November 4, 2014 at a Cannes hospital.

Two years after his death, one of his relatives remained silent after reading a hearing report published in Nice-matin in April 2017 on the alleged poisoning acts against a “Olivier C.. “.

The same Olivier C. that Cappelaere was appointed the sole legatee of the deceased? For the family the accident is more than bothersome.

On May 9, 2017, two of Jacqueline Imbert’s cousins ​​gave their permission for the exhumation of the bodies.

According to their lawyer release that “IThe body was almost completely covered by the skull. But it is full of atropine. The medical examiner marked an overdose of the heart and of the liver. ”

Childless, Jacqueline Humbert, until the arrival of Monsieur Olivier, was so close to her cousins ​​whom she also called “his nephews“.

Man makes himself necessary, takes care of the nonagenarian, considers him his “mother at heart. She, like the child he cannot have. Things.

He vehemently denies any connection to the death of his benefactress, which justice qualifies as a suspected death, which is why he faced off this week before the Alpes-Maritimes assizes.

Public writer in prison

Imprisoned since 2015, Olivier Cappelaere, 52, is now a public writer in prison.

Investigations are underway into the death of another woman who died in 2009. She also sold her lifetime apartment to Olivier Cappelaere. Examination of the body revealed no signs of poisoning.

Now charged with the murder of Jacqueline Humbert, Olivier Cappelaere risks life imprisonment.

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