this terrible disaster that destroyed it

Love in the pasture reunites the two lovers

Pierre and Frédérique have been in perfect love for ten years now thanks to the program presented by Karine Le Marchand. Since then, they have never left each other. They were only two but three because their son Gabriel had arrived to complete this beautiful family. The lives of the two candidates were turned upside down, Frédérique still remembers the days after the broadcast, and told our colleagues from France Bleu:

I was in the bathroom, someone knocked on my door. I was asked if I was the girl on TV, if Karine Lemarchand was kind“. He also shared another anecdote that happened at the agricultural show: “ A friend told Michel Drucker to go to our stand. So we took a three-way photo with him. This time, a woman passed by and told us that she worshiped us. He asked Michel Drucker to take our photo with him. Someone told him that Michel Drucker was still there. But he said we seemed like he wanted to be together, so he took a picture of us. We found it very funny. »

Record the temperature in France

The French have never experienced such a hot month of May. Officially, many heat records have been broken, enough to fear the worst for the months of July and August, the hottest of the year. This is a new proof that climate change is not a fantasy of scientists in search of fame but a reality.

And inevitably, if intense heat hits a region, thunderstorms are expected to also find their place in the coming days. More than 60 departments have been placed on orange alert for violent storms. Thousands of people were without electricity due to lightning and bad weather. Often, the worst hit are the farmers. And sadly, Pierre and Frédérique were devastated to discover that their wine situation had not been saved by hail and thunder.

Pierre understands farmers changing jobs

Love is in the pasture: ” This is the apocalypse of Gers“. So, from their car, the two lovers discovered the aftermath of the storm. Then they showed that “ice like eggs” had fallen on their territory. Logically, ” the vine cannot win the game“. Drowned and injured Pierre returned home, with an injury to the level of the tibia. ” He was also not safe. commented his wife. And to make the day even worse, they were hit by a power outage that prevented them from preparing dinner for their guest house.

It is enough to allow Pierre to make a painful observation: ” There are days like that… We always have potatoes. But, frankly … here it is. Some days, I understand that someone is moving on“. The next day, he did not change his mind when he discovered that another part of his farm, located 15 miles[15 km]from his house, had also been severely affected: “ Seriously, there’s nothing left“.

Love is in the pasture: Karine Le Marchand near the candidates

If some rumors indicate that the host has a diva demeanor on the set, they won’t tarnish his image. He really enjoyed a large capital of sympathy and many farmers and enthusiasts spoke well of the M6 ​​presenter.. As proof that true friendship would be born, he was chosen to be one of the witnesses to Mathieu and Alexandre’s wedding. On Instagram, he made no secret of his love for them:

What a joy this day is spent with you my dear … More than the love you have for each other, there is this joy, this desire to change the world, to go in the right direction, to give love there including the ‘I don’t want … I am so happy to be part of your meeting… You are made for each other. I love you dearly and I’m glad the cameras off, intact among friendship. See you soon I hope, you and your beautiful energy is a gift“.

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