This is Us season 6: how does the series end? A classic but touching ending

This Tuesday, May 24, 2022 is a special day. It was actually the date that NBC aired episode 18 of season 6 on This is Us, which is also the end of the series. And not surprisingly, as it has offered us since its inception, dramatic fiction offers us some moving moments that once again delight tissue sellers.

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Back to flashbacks

As we follow up on Rebecca’s loss last week, Mandy Moore’s star returns for this grand finale with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) via some very nice flashbacks. In the program? In particular, we discovered the origin of his scar near his eye (he said it was related to times spent with his father in the hammock and an accident with a watch) and we attended a cute afternoon at home where all 5 are watching. family movies.

But not only that, Rebecca also gives a great life lesson to a distraught Kevin (Justin Hartley) who can’t pull-up based on “it’s okay not to do everything too quickly, it’s how great the victories are. special through hard work “. A comfort that worked so hard that Kevin couldn’t help but give his mother a compliment. Hallelujah.

Finally, after admitting that he was disciplined at school after falling out with a friend about his lack of hair, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) sees his father reassuring him by looking after himself. instead offers a great lesson: how to shave. Then, Jack immediately reminds his children not to spend their youth wanting to grow up right away, because they will regret it when they grow up. A classic piece of advice, but one that perfectly watches us …

A little anecdote: we also know the origins of buying the game Stick the Tail on the Donkey which has made the children very happy over the years. The reason? Rebecca was just amazed to see a family like her pictured in the box.

Back to the present

This is the least interesting part of the episode because, in the end, it doesn’t carry over yet. On the contrary, it just feels like we are witnessing a classic episode – with no conclusion anywhere, that most are content to leave so many doors open for a possible waste in the future. Clearly, the penultimate stage has a greater impact than this and there is a real sense of the end. However, we can still remember a few things.

– We don’t know what will happen in the future, but Toby once again reminds him that he ”extraordinary pride“by Kate (Chrissy Metz), before adding that she loves him and that even if their marriage doesn’t succeed in the end, it doesn’t change anything. From there to say that the return of this couple is possible .. .

– While Randall is more sad than ever after the death of his mother, admitting that he sees no purpose in life if the things you are fighting for still come true (he is always afraid of losing his mother), his son girl Déja gave him the most beautiful gift. After reminding him that he would be a grandfather, showing where the interest in life lay, the woman told him that she was expecting a man named William. Yes, like Randall’s biological father: “Your grandson will be named after the man I don’t know even though I know him because I know you.“.

A revelation that makes Randall happy, who cries, and gives us a bonus flashback where William reveals all the fun of being a grandfather. What is it about? This is the feeling “a unique, unconditional and pure love“to someone you haven’t seen in a long time. A little creepy and sad, but touching. Nice little twist: this scene was shot a few years ago.

And in the future?

So no, we’re not entitled to some flashforward, but today’s characters still give us clues as to what they’re going to do. As Kate remembered that their mother wanted them to live their lives to the fullest, she was then confident that she would find herself opening several music schools for children with disabilities. On Kevin’s side? She revealed that she wanted to focus on her association and be more present at home. What is Randall? He admitted he was ready to be a presidential candidate. That’s all.

Last scene … cute and WTF

Finally, as Rebecca spends her last years with Miguel (Jon Huertas), Jack’s best friend who died recently, the final sequence reminds us that the man in her life is none other than Jack. The reason? The creators launch their partnership into the next life, with a touching final dialogue punctuated by “loved tika“and a nice statement:”– It’s crazy, isn’t it? We met at a bar that night. – Yes but … if the world puts something so clear in your eyes, you can’t forget it.“.

A soft, classic but effective ending that reminds us how much This is Us good at bringing real life to life and shedding tears in our eyes through powerful moments that make the right echo of our own journey.

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