They had lightning on a train or plane… “Our knees almost touched”

Of course, there are dating sites. But chance is not entirely old-fashioned when it comes to bringing two people into contact. And summer is the time most suitable for love at first sight, because we are more mobile, lighter, more available. So places that weren’t really sexy at first became as scorching as the sweaty atmosphere of a nightclub. Examples of modes of transportation, which can send us to the seventh heaven.

On the plane, it smells like a sock, but some of our readers consider it a temple of love. Yes, yes, yes. Because they experienced unforgettable emotions there. Annie, who responded to our call for witnesses, did not think her trip to Turkey was going to be pleasant. And yet: “On the plane, a man sat next to me. I opened my package of cookies and politely offered him. He refused a little coldly. But when dinner came, we chatted, laughed, it was like we had known each other for a long time. He gave me his number, pretending that I could contact him if there was any trouble in Turkey. From there began the best story of my life. Four months later, we were together. Almost a year ago and we have many plans for the future. For Rebecca too, the plane is THE SPOT of flirting. The proof: “I met the two loves of my life there. I have been married for twenty-two years to the first and I shared life with the second for ten years,” he said.

“I had the best meeting of my life in Roissy”

We always prefer to relax in the air instead of flirting. Maybe it was a mistake, listening to Michèle. “On a plane between Casablanca and Marseille, the gentleman was very enthusiastic. And at the beginning, I didn’t hang much. But I became his husband for more than thirty years! But let’s be realistic, thunder at altitude sometimes remains a fantasy . It’s hard but this is life. Patrice can testify to this, with a heavy heart. “I boarded a Japan Airlines plane to go to Auckland (New Zealand). A Japanese hostess was in front of me. It was very embarrassing, because our eyes always met. She was beautiful and very classy. Her face remained imprinted in my brain. Two years later, I met her in Los Angeles. I told her that we had met before. And surprise: I remembered he is mine. We were so disturbed that we no longer had the reflex to ask for our coordinates. Something happened between us, love at first sight. We never met again. Maybe the great love of my life escaped me ? he was surprised.

And if the airport is synonymous with mortal boredom for most people, for a lucky minority, it is a place that flies in more ways than one. As Nessrine testified: “I had the best meeting of my life in Roissy, while waiting for my turn to check my suitcase. My gaze fell on this tall brunette, she let me pass slowly. We are on the same plane. A few days later, I saw him again, this time in the sea, mutual love at first sight was confirmed! Fifteen years ago, we got married, had two beautiful children and fell in love like the first day. “If the stops always waste time, they win the search for a soul mate, according to Mustapha: “I met an Italian woman at a stop. I left his number in my suitcase. Now, we have 2 beautiful daughters”.

“Eleven years ago, on the Eurostar”

Bilel also met his girlfriend during a stopover at Tunis airport. “Each of us had one night to spend in the transit zone and we chatted over coffee. The next day, we met when we were picking up our suitcases. Mine never arrived and he accompanied me to make the declaration of loss. The next day I got a message from an unknown number telling me that my suitcase was found. It was him. Full of panache, he called the airport, pretended to be my girlfriend and got my number during the confirmation of birth. To thank him, I offered to buy him a drink. Three months later, we were still together and continued to stay that way for a long time. »

But it’s not just the plane that’s going up. If the SNCF slogan is “We let you choose the train”, others should not be pushed to jump on the first Ouigo pass. And for good reason: it reminds them of electric memories. Like Sarah: “Eleven years ago, on the Eurostar. I was going to London for the weekend for a wedding, he was coming home. I went to get a Coke and I found this Englishman staring at me and trying to catch my eye. He came to me, we exchanged words and the English charm worked. I gave him my number, which I had never done in my life. We met in Paris two months later. Now he is my husband and we are expecting our first child. Baptiste also boarded the right carriage: “The train was delayed a lot, I saw a beautiful woman at the station. I sat not far from her and understood that we were on the same train. We discussed Thirteen years later, we are married and have 3 children”.

“Everything is simple, unbelievably true, without cleverness”

The promiscuity of the carriages certainly has nothing to do with this perfume of eroticism that reigns there. As confirmed by Françoise, who experienced a moment of joy on the TGV. “My place was sold twice by mistake. That’s when, moment of grace, this boy came up to me to offer me the place next to him… He has long hair, a guitar, he’s bohemian. I don’t know how, but our hand and then our lips met. No 4 hour journey was so short and so charming. Then, the TGV arrived at Gare de Lyon. One last look and everyone went their separate ways way. My partner is waiting for me at the port. I prefer to keep my little secret.

Lili has forgotten the SNCF sandwiches but not the appearance of her handsome Hidalgo in car 7: “I was coming back from Italy. A man sat in front of me. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and our knees were almost touching, the tight space preventing any sudden movement. I felt it immediately in his eyes, behind his glasses: a flash, a clarity, an irresistible emotion. We began to exchange words, looks, memories… In a journey that was long and painful, I saw nothing pass, neither time nor the other passengers. We went to Paris together. But that’s another story… “. What if you’re the next lucky one?

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