“There was no violence except sprinkling whipped cream on his hat” – Liberation

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Christophe and Olivier, Montargis college teachers, claim not to expect the former Minister of National Education to spray cream. With “Libé”, they assure you that you want to criticize his “parachuting” in the Loiret and the policy that was made when he managed rue de Grenelle.

Among the strawberries, tomatoes and cherries, they saw red when they saw their former minister. As they filled their baskets at the Montargis market, on the morning of Saturday June 4, Christophe and Olivier, professors of plastic arts and technology at the college, 51 and 57, sprinkled Jean-Michel Spread with whipped cream. The former Minister of Education is campaigning for a presidential majority in the Loiret’s fourth constituency.

A case has now been filed against two teachers, who claim they did not plan their action. “violence at a meeting that did not result in complete incapacity for work”, according to the Montargis prosecution. The two defendants will appear on July 4 before the prosecutor for an appearance at the hearing of the first plea of ​​guilt, a procedure that allows for a quick conviction of those who committed an offense admitted to facts. Olivier and Christophe explain their move release.

Why did you sprinkle Jean-Michel Blanquer with whipped cream?

Buying our strawberries on Saturday morning, we remembered the words of Sibeth Ndiaye [au sujet de la polémique des instituteurs qui pourraient aller aider les agriculteurs] while he was the government spokesman, in the first lock: “We don’t intend to ask a teacher who is currently out of work, given the closure of schools, to cross all over France to go and harvest strawberry gariguettes.” Forget the distance to school, forget that we stay to watch over the children of caregivers, policemen, supermarket workers …

We didn’t know Jean-Michel Blanquer was there, we didn’t plan our move. But when we saw that his groups were there, we thought it was time to continue the old tradition of piling up to show our disapproval of the policy followed when he was still the minister and his parachuting of the legislature. elections in the Loiret. To keep her from getting hurt, we favor whipped cream, which makes it possible to have no physical contact. He was not insulted contrary to what was reported, no violence other than spraying cream on his hat.

How was your arrest?

We were immediately arrested, one of us LREM activists, one of a naked policeman hugging him. We look forward to it. On the other hand, we were even more surprised afterwards. The judicial response was immediate and strong. Two police cars arrived and took us to the police station where we remained in police custody for seven or eight hours, which seemed a bit too much for us. Jean-Michel Blanquer filed a complaint. We were interrogated twice. After obtaining the facts, we were told that we had been charged with doing so. “Voluntarily committed violence with this condition [aggravante] that the facts were made in a meeting “.

What do you blame Jean-Michel Blanquer for?

We have been teaching REP for over 20 years. In recent years, we have had to get used to working in a context of extreme violence: a dramatic Covid era, students in difficult conditions left in cramped classes, a national system in education recruiting temporary workers, and struggling to attract vocations, a lack of budget, the freezing of the staff index point and the reduction of purchasing power… Too many elements that led to a enough damage to our work injuries.

We are not against the “man” Blanquer. This is not a story of an individual, but of a policy. A policy that dismantled another public administration, after which hospitals and justice were destroyed. And to see this politician, former Minister of National Education, parachute into a territory he didn’t know about for these elections when we knew he would never return, that he was only interested in being elected in the Assembly… saw an abomination there?

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