The Xbox Game Pass is free in this unusual way (which works)!

Internet users have found a way to no longer pay euros on their Xbox Game Pass subscription thanks to… Microsoft Rewards?

Gamers have always known that the Xbox belongs to the big company Microsoft, which is very much in the field of computers, technology and software. What they don’t know, though, is that the company is still happy to link different activities together, thus forming a large family of products and services. Thanks to this you can, for example, finance your subscription to play Xbox Game Pass… using Microsoft Rewards points.

What are Microsoft Rewards?

If you’re using the Microsoft Edge browser, you’ll see these small dots in the upper right of your screen. Microsoft Rewards is a “loyalty” program that encourages you to complete small objectives and search Bing (the owner of Microsoft’s search engine) to earn multiple points. Yes, but what to do?

If you click on the Microsoft Rewards symbol, you will notice that many missions are offered to you, but you can also exchange your points for gifts. Know now that on the lot, you can for example finance a 6 month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the best video game service available!

As a reminder, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription service offered on Xbox and PC, available at a price of € 12.99, and gives you access to a large library of constantly updated games, at cloud, on Xbox Live Gold as well. just like the EA Play game library. With this method, you can do it all for FREE. This is the user Kentrus who informed us about it on Twitter.

How do I get an Xbox Game Pass membership with Microsoft Rewards?

There are some simple conditions to qualify for this benefit. The first of these is to have a Microsoft account (which you already have if you have an Xbox console) and to use the Bing search engine. Afterwards, check that you are registered with the Microsoft Rewards program, all completely free.

If you are sure of that, you just have to start earning points. On the new tab page, click the symbol in the upper right and see what missions are offered to you to earn points. It can sometimes answer a series of questions -which can improve your overall knowledge of passing -, do a specific search or even give your opinion on a topic. By clicking show multiple activities, you will find that you can get several dozen points per day, if you are diligent.

Credits: JDG

What are the points for what advantages?

To have a 6 month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you need to reach 70,000 points, within 3 months 35,000 points and for one month trial 14,000 points. Then go to the Dashboard, then the Use tab. You can get all the rewards at a glance. In addition to the Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can too get Xbox gift cards, from € 5 (5,000 points) to € 25 (25,000 points).

Outside of gaming, Microsoft has partnered with forces of partners for lucrative discounts, including Decathlon, Spotify, Zalando, Fnac, Darty, and more. Don’t hesitate to use your advantages wisely! Please note: the number of points required for an exchange also varies according to your level, and is reduced with each level.

Xbox pass game free microsoft rewards
Credits: JDG

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