The long-tailed macaque of Southeast Asia became rare and disappeared from our labs, Liberation

We’re talking about monkeys…

The long-tailed macaques from Southeast Asia, which have become rare, we are told in freedom, are threatened with extinction, and it is not only sad but it is also boring for our medical research, because these monkeys are close in humans, these macaques are at the heart of studies on multiple sclerosis, on Charcot Alzheimer Parkinson and also on covid, – it is thanks to them that we know that hydroxychloroquine n by Professor Raoul is not effective …

But we miss these very useful monkeys, the mistake of deforestation, which destroys their habitat, the mistake of poaching, the reality of captures, because we take these animals to feed our lab.

In 2020, China stopped exporting macaques, saving them for its science, so American labs buy their monkeys in Mauritius, where our labs have their habits, we can’t line up, in before covid an animal cost 4000 euros, now the price can go up to 20000; our science is bare.

And so here we are talking about the plague of a living being! The libé photo of a monkey with its eyes open when a laboratory worker puts a cotton swab in its mouth is clearly ambiguous, the macaque has beautiful eyes, a pink complexion, as a strange little cousin, a little extra-terrestrial. .I read that we should avoid experimenting on animals, and that computers can model the action of a drug, but there is no technique as complex as a monkey’s body with beautiful eyes…

Medicine is an ancient story. In Le Figaro and in the area of ​​Le Monde after the scientific journal Nature, we are told of a prehistoric tomb found in Borneo, where the skeleton of a young man who died 31,000 years ago rested, a skull missing the left foot, a part of the tibia and fibula, and the rest of the leg bone, presenting a clean and oblique cut, thus announcing a deliberate movement: we then reflect on the first surgical amputation of humanity… The amputation was done on the young man who was a child, so he lived after that, so we can imagine a child who while playing fell off a cliff and broke his leg and amputated him to his hunter tribe to save him… Poor boy!

We also talk about lead…

Which hunters will soon have to do without, because lead bullets are banned in February, Le Parisien tells us, and the hunter’s spokesman Willy Shraen protests, his herd must change to guns, because instead of lead they shoot with steel, tungsten, bismuth cartridges, which require more powder, this can cause old guns to explode… I know that lead cartridges pollute in rivers, ducks catch lead poisoning -yes but at the same time a game killed with lead dies more glass and sulfur less, than dilemma.

In La Ruche, the weekly magazine of Brioude, I read all the joys of the hunters before the hunting season for hare, fox, badger, marten, rook, starling and jay of the oaks and the talkative magpie. .. Sunday, and William Hermet who is 18 years old, and a good face as a child, tells us about his life as a hunting child, he held his first gun at three years old, he likes to watch his dog run after a hare and always gives him nothing back, he struggles, he must not believe, he wants to be loved.

In Corse-Matin I know that the increasing number of wild boars destroys the Ignetta racecourse in Ajaccio at night, the race on Sunday is compromised, it should be a beat but it is forbidden in the urban areas, or else the cages to the animals are trapped but the pigs are friends with those who sabotage them and release the animals. Hell and good intentions.

There is also talk of anger…

What the World says and what comes to us from Spain, and which harms the memory of the great painter Salvador Dali, that El Païs recently published a letter sent in 1935 to André Breton, leader of the surrealists. Dali revealed his intention to create a new religion, based on sadomasochism and racism – that is, he wrote, “biological in myths and the social, fanatical in Marxist rationality, delusional and Hitlerian in affectivity” -Dali promoted slavery of colored people to provide “great opportunities for the enjoyment of the white people”, and promotes human sacrifice…

And in Spain we tried to arrange Dali in the parts of driving conviction, to provoke … Old story … Dali never hid in his life that Hitler was for him an object of desire or a unconscious delirium. “I always dreamed of Hitler as a woman. Her skin, which I thought was white, attracted me.”

Then tell me about innocent pleasures.

In Saint-Priest, I read in Le Progrès, the boss of a transport group organizes a draw for his 1,100 employees, and promises to make the winner’s wildest dreams come true… Bruno dreams of a trip to Japan, Joëlle from the Harry Potter park for her disabled daughter.

Le Point told us about Ferrari fans, and in particular one of our compatriots, who works in real estate in the province, he wants to remain anonymous, and who bought forty of them, the first of them in 2001 it didn’t fit in its parking lot. , very steep then one day he tried his parents’ parking lot, and it all started.

The public of Le Bien invites us to enjoy the harvest of Fixin Côte d’Or, where it is said that there is more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in books, and it is also said that if you go to Bordeaux, we bring a Puligny. -Montrachet, and the Bordeaux people kneel – good but right.

Let’s comfort ourselves in Bordeaux by learning from the Sud-Ouest that this year’s ceps harvest promises to be exceptional thanks to the drought that in spring allowed the mushrooms to feed at the expense of tired trees.. .

In Liberation awaits us again an article like a concert, the report of an essay by the philosopher and musicologist Peter Szendy, which questions reading as an acoustic experience, that of the sounds made by book that resonates with us, c It is bright, it converts, it speaks of line-by-line murmuring, of a slave reader who appeals to Cicero, and of the polyphonies of our worlds, “where each reads the himself, immersed in its pages, but connected to others doing the same.”

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