The land around Sommesous is very flat

The wise bison announced it! It’s Black Saturday on the streets. The Juilletistas returned from vacation, while the Augustians began theirs. Champagne-Ardenne has become the crossroads of summer holidays. Belgians, Dutch, English… The motorway winds of the region are not spared by these crossovers. Immersion in Sommesous on the A26, halfway between Troyes and Reims, the time to share a vacation with holidaymakers.

On the highway A26 this morning, the traffic is quite fluid. But the arrival of the place highway from UNDER reminds that bison smart announces a black saturday now… In the parking lot, in the restrooms, at the gas station, or even at the checkout counter, there are long queues. Tables of picnic, fuel and pegreen louse, the place of UNDER especially popular with drivers who drive toA26. “The Weekends are always crowded, so the numbers are higher. But it is true that since yesterday, there are many ways. COMMENTS Charlotte, seasonal in that area.

summer clothes, shorts, and even some pajamas Clothing styles mix like languages. What a quick change of scenery for new holidaymakers. On some faces, dark circles betray an early morning awakening. It’s five o’clock this morning for us“, said a Belgian family who left Ardèche at dawn this morning to return to Brussels. Eggs ham, melon… He is only 11 time, but everything is ready picnic It’s our fourth break, parents take turns every two hours, breakfast is a long way off, so we are looking forward to this meal break“, unabridged the older brothers.

A few meters ahead, a couple with two small children also brought lunch time: “Kids always ask us ‘when are we going to get there?“Of those movies, riddles, we try to keep them busy, but it takes a long time for them. We even planned to rest tonight in Lyon, because from the north of France to Perpignan, more than twelve hours on the road. It’s getting close to noon, stomach is churning. About ten minutes after their arrival, the traffic in that area worsened. “In the end, it’s worth it to stop eating too soon. At this time, all parking spaces are taken. We saw the cars pass by and then left with the frustration of not being able to stop”analyzes Aurélien the father. But they will benefit from the lawn to have fun and especially to please their daughter, who managed to pick some daisies in memory of this green break.

Jump and speed, this lawn is also Henry’s playground this afternoon. Henry? It’s a dog Londoner who went on vacation with him lady of Sainte-Maxime in Var. “We let’s rest in Lyon tonight, because for him it’s hard to be confined in the car all day. Ever since he got out of the car, he’s been running everywhere, he needs to exercise. A journey from Great Britain is cut into four nights, with always the same goal: making the trip even more digestible for Henry.

The road to English is also calledA26. begins in Calais and to Troyes, it is particularly accessible to British who wants to discover the south. Gibraltar, Valencia, Madrid, Dijon… These bikers ended their pathstrip on this highway. 3 couples, 3 motorcycles, and a common course, they chained hotels and hoped to complete their crossing this evening France-Spain. “We goal in Calais tonight, like that tomorrow, back to Great Britain!they were happy. A few moments later, the engines roared again, And this, For those three hours and half slaloms between the cars ofA26.

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