the fusional relationship of David Beckham and his daughter Harper

David and Harper Beckham during an NBA game. (Miami, April 19, 2022.) Getty Photos

The former football star and his 10-year-old daughter are known to constantly show their complexity on social media. Even if it means that Internet users are sometimes uncomfortable.

If there’s one thing David Beckham loves more than football, it’s his family, from his wife Victoria to his four children, Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 17, and his youngest Harper Beckham, 10 years old. There are plenty of photos where the father and daughter proudly show off each other, which will not fail to soften the 73 million Instagram subscribers of the former Manchester United midfielder.

Already, when Harper was a child, photos in which David Beckham found himself disguised as a doll, or posted with Elsa and Anna, were the heroes of the animated film. Queen of the snow (2013), proliferation of social networks. A few years later, the former professional sportsman is still no exception to the rule.

Placed in the garden of the family home to plant a tree on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, singing Dancing Queen to the group ABBA during Cruz’s birthday or indulge in some comedy on the occasion of Red Nose Day, one of England’s most important telethons … the duo David and Harper Beckham have multiplied fellow Instagram posts .

But if there’s one thing the father and his only daughter have in common, it’s their love of the game. He barely knew how to walk when his father took him to the football field to watch his siblings ’games. A few years ago, photos of the little girl, ball of the foot, were the pride of the former British team captain. In April, David Beckham also posted a video in which the woman, wearing a Miami Heat jersey, watched the NBA game well, before shouting for joy for her team.

controversial kisses

To celebrate the new year, the husband of the former Spice Girl posted a carousel that revisited several family occasions, including one, showing him kissing his daughter. The video disturbed some Internet users, shocked by a behavior they considered excessive sexual. “I don’t think Harper is comfortable,” wrote one of them. However, this is not the first time David Beckham has received such comments.

During a Facebook live from 2017, he explained: “I was criticized for kissing my daughter on the mouth the other day. I kissed all my children on the mouth. (…) I am very affectionate with them.” Before adding: “That’s how I was raised and we’re like that, Victoria and I.” Slightly affected by critics, she published, a few weeks ago, photos in which she kissed her son again. woman on a walk in the woods.

Another controversial topic: in January, via an Instagram post David Beckham expressed his frustration about his daughter’s liking for a partner. In support, sunglasses to hide his grief, a black and white shot to show his grief and a face six feet tall. A game that should have been an Oscar. It didn’t fail to ignite relationship controversy for some “bad” of her daughter. But the controversy doesn’t seem to have reached David Beckham.

In the video, David Beckham poses as a dashing septuagenarian for the campaign against malaria

A place to choose

Because Harper Beckham, the sibling’s only daughter, was also fed by his three older brothers. As shown in a video of Victoria Beckham, where we see her oldest son Brooklyn and her youngest daughter dancing and hugging. A relationship full of conflict. So the young man made the woman his bridesmaid on the day of his wedding to Nicola Peltz, April 9th.

Recently, it was the turn of the youngest in the family, Romeo, to show his complicity with Harper. In the photo, the young man hugs his younger sister on his back as he hugs her gently.

Finally, Cruz also posted a vintage photo of him and the girl, on the occasion of his 10th birthday.

One selected as the “most stylish kid in the world of men” by the English site, for his first birthday, since his life was seen scrutinized by the media and Internet users. Her father ignored the criticism. He wished to preserve his complicity with his daughter, whose first name he had printed on the neck.

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