The final of the national herding dog happened this Sunday in Loudes

The national final of herding dogs, organized by the Haute-Loire Herding Dog Association (Act 43) at the Loudes aerodrome site, crowned its winner this Sunday.

From 8 o’clock in the morning, the first dogs set off on a two-kilometer course to lead a batch of five cows in less than 20 minutes. The tests ended around 7 pm.

Course of tests and results

All performances were evaluated by Dominique Roux and Joël Ballet, the two judges of the day. Competitors each have 110 points at the start. Penalties are applied for every mistake made, some are even eliminatory.Climbing the cattle truck (without a ramp) is the most dreaded test. This dangerous exercise, especially when dealing with cattle, brings out all the qualities a breeder and his dog need. The most experienced competitors were able to change in this final test.

Nicolas Blanc and his dog Ixos finally won the competition with an incredible score of 96 points. The veteran (this is his 8th final) from Haute-Saône has already finished second in 2014 in Mazet-Saint-Voy.
Tençois Julien Delabre and his dog Oslo were disqualified. However, they are proud to have reached the national final for their first ever participation and hope for a better result in the upcoming final.

The awarding of the prizes took place in a very happy atmosphere, which confirms the closeness that exists between these breeders, who are nevertheless competitors.
The president of Act 43 Stéphane Laurent, accompanied by the mayor of Loudes Laurent Barbalat and the councilor of the department Jean-Marc Boyer, would like to thank the many volunteers, organizers and partners without whom the event would not have happened.Nicolas Blanc (in burgundy, left) and his dog Ixos, from Haute-Saône, won the competition.

The two elected officials congratulated the organizers “who brought honor to the region and the profession” and said they were very proud to “welcome to our department these visitors from all over France”.

Bad weather and fun

The only downside is attending the event. The organizers, several hundred members of Act 43 and volunteers, hope for many people. The heavy rain and thunder that fell during the day undoubtedly benefited the public. About 2,000 people, from all over France, went there anyway.During a test

But no matter what, this ending is more than just a test. Above all it is a good opportunity to celebrate and exchange around the shepherd dog.
Competition trials have proven to be an excellent display of the daily work of a breeder and his dogs. There were many people crowding around the barriers to attend.

Other activities were able to attract crowds, especially those offered by the MSA stand. Horse-drawn carriages were also successful and continued to roll during the day.Refueling during the national final in Loudes

Finally, the children enjoyed the inflatable structures, the make-up workshops or the herding dog competitions dedicated to them. The most adventurous even managed to learn about parachute jumping or their first airplane flight.

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