the emergencies of the new Minister of National Education

The new Minister of National Education has received staff unions since yesterday and also today, with many messages he will pass on. And the minister has some urgent matters to deal with. The very tense situation requires that he make some decisions as a priority.

Pap Ndiaye, new Minister of National Education © AFP / Xose Bouzas / Hans Lucas

The start of the school year in September is getting ready, it’s almost too late! So the urgency in emergencies is to make sure there are a sufficient number of teachers in front of the students on September 1. Before this year’s competitions are full, many positions will not be filled.

There is growing concern in establishments and the minister did not have many solutions, other than recruiting and many contract workers. “Room for maneuvering is limited“, explained Jean-Rémi Girard, president of Snalc, National union of high schools, colleges, schools and higher education.The budget is also limited. He is expected to ask for a budget extension to be reluctant to recruit contract workers to manage the shortage. But it’s something complicated and unsatisfactory. For us, the problem is to manage the longer term, ie to restore the beauty of our businesses.“. The unions called in particular for an increase in wages, working conditions and careers. During the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron promised a salary increase, while talking about merit pay. But it was huge project for later.

Pap Ndiaye’s immediate decision was to return math to the usual core of the Première class in high school. The curriculum for this course is prepared by the Higher Curriculum Council. It will be presented in mid-June and valid at the end of June. Some unions, especially heads of SNPDEN establishments, have called for a postponement to 2023, such as the association of mathematics teachers in public education (APMEP). Its president Sébastien Planchenault, a professor of mathematics at the Versailles Academy, believes that “with a program published at the end of June, to practice it in September, was a bit rushed and didn’t leave enough time, for teachers to adapt it and for families and students to understand what the challenges really are. in this program. the“.

The return to Premiere math in question

For him, “have to step back and wait until 2023 really“Especially since these programs were initially intended, if the measure is available at the start of the 2022 school year, for Première students who are not pursuing a mathematics specialty. But next year the courses will be part of the common core for all students, whether or not they follow the specialty. It is therefore necessary to ensure that mathematics programs at the common core and in special education are rather complementary. For otherwise “there will be fatigue and boredom among the students”, judge Sébastien Planchenault. “It’s better to take a little time to have real consistency“, He added.

Of the unions he received yesterday, the Minister of National Education confirmed that. the principle of 1h30 yet in the mathematics of the Première was recorded, without specifying the year in question. His successor Jean-Michel Blanquer said two weeks later the decision would take effect next September. Restoration of mathematics to the common core involves changes in the selection terms of the special combination and therefore in the terms of the timetables. High schools are now awaiting official announcement from the minister to organize themselves.

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