The drink that will completely stop losing your hair

Have you lost a lot of hair and you want to fight against this phenomenon? In addition to your hair routine, which should be checked with more gentle care to preserve your hair, it may be time to give up some drinks that are known to promote hair loss.

We don’t have to suspect it, but some of the drinks we drink throughout the day are definitely not our best allies for well-being, health and beauty, and can even, on the contrary, harm the health of our hair. .

This is the case, for example, with all caffeine-based drinks such as coffee and black tea which, although they are very pleasant to drink during tea time and temporarily increase our energy levels, can also be damage the beauty of our hair.

I lost my hair: what should I do?

Losing your hair is nothing to worry about, because healthy hair loses between 100 and 150 hairs per day. When the loss of hair is more important than that should be worried, or at least to be more attentive, because it may be the sign that the hair fibers can no longer follow their cycle of normal life and that. Repeated staining, too aggressive care or lack of nutrition can be the cause.

stop coffee and black tea to stop hair loss

You may not know, but drinks such as coffee and black tea, which are high in caffeine and full of tannins, prevent the absorption of iron, which is important for maintaining good health and whose deficiency can cause the loss of hair

If you feel that your hair is losing more than usual, do not worry: you may have an iron deficiency, and you should reduce your consumption of coffee and black tea, which you can replace with green tea for example. .

check your lactose intolerance

People with lactose intolerance may suffer more hair loss, especially in times of crisis, because in these people the consumption of foods containing dairy products may worsen the condition of the skin. such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and affect the health of the skin and hair. If you suspect lactose intolerance and you are losing a lot of hair, you can limit your milk intake for a few weeks to see if your situation improves.

create a hair routine against hair loss

To have beautiful, strong and shiny hair, it is important to have a hair routine that fully meets your needs and, above all, that allows you to have a healthy scalp and good hydrated hair from root to tip.

If your scalp is very dry, it can easily flake, itch, dandruff or show redness, which is not good for keeping the hair strong and healthy.

Remember to adapt your hair routine according to your needs (for example, you don’t have the same routine on vacation, if your hair takes the sun, sea salt, chlorine from the swimming pool and brings sweat to your scalp. in ‘the winter) and to use very mild products so as not to attack your hair and do more harm than good.

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