The dog that killed the cat still roams Jouy-le-Potier

“On July 13, I was not at home. When I returned, the owners of the motorcycle knocked and asked me if the dog that was walking around was mine. I don’t have. They told me he had a cat in his mouth. And that he buried it in a small pond, along rue des Champs-Bretons. I went. and I know my cat…”

Philippe is tired. Like most of the town of Jouy-le-Potier. Where a dog sows terror among the village cats. Within six, seven years, one dog would attack fifty cats of which thirty-five of them lost their lives. These are all privately owned cats.

On July 13, 2022, shortly after learning that one of his cats had been killed, Philippe returned home. “As it’s hot, the French window in the living room is open. And there, what did I see? The dog at the living room entrance. My one cat then ran between my legs and took shelter under our bed. Where he stayed for two hours without coming out.

A cat victim of a jaw trap in the center of Châteauneuf-sur-Loire

Nearly 900 signed a petition

Many complaints were filed. “Owner recognized”the gendarmerie told us. “The person has a call to order and will be heard as part of the procedure.”

On the side of the inhabitants, on July 17, 2022, a petition “Save the cats of Jouy-le-Potier” was created. Which gathered no less than 825 signatures! “We went door-to-door and got about fifty more signatures,” added Philippe. So 875 signatures for a village with about 1,300 inhabitants!

“We are fed up with this dog. He is known as the white wolf and he is a cat killer”, thundered Philippe who “speaks for all the people who lost their cat in a cruel way in Jouy-le -Potter”.

Sensitive to the animal factor: to be a delegate-investigator of the SPA of Loiret

He killed a cat in front of the children

Not long ago, this dog, which looked like “a wolf dog”, killed by a cat in front of the kindergarten playground, during recess, under the eyes of children. The cat is the school mascot… The petition signers fear not only for their pets but also for their children.

“He doesn’t hesitate to jump over gates or fences,” explains Philippe, who also lost a cat to the same dog five years ago. “When he sees a cat, he goes crazy. And this has been going on for years. At some point, the madness has to stop. And there are overflows”, he warned.

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“It’s starting to go too far”

“People are already telling me they’re going to kill the dog… It’s starting to go a long way. I emailed the mayor like that. I told him that he had to react because he was overreacting. I am still waiting for the answer. “…

Even if the residents are angry, there is no question for them to request that the dog be euthanized. “No. We want the dog to be in a cage or chained. That’s it.”

Joined by this The Rep’, Gilles Billiot, the town’s mayor, did not want to speak on the subject.

premium Of course the village is now called Jouy-le-Potier, but it doesn’t look anything bad there!

Alban Gourgousse

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