The Assumption, the fruit of a life dedicated to love

The ascension to Heaven of the Virgin Mary is the reward of a life completely devoted to the service of God and people, especially the weakest. First disciple of his Son in excellence, the Virgin should share with him the glory of the resurrection.

The Assumption of the Virgin, her ascension to celestial glory at the end of her life, represents the crowning of her faithfulness. God took his servant with Him to heaven because he always wanted to be with Jesus, not to escape this world but to be with the one he loved above all and to whom he remained attached throughout his life. As such, the Assumption represents the fruit of faithfulness. This is a very useful lesson in these times when libertarian ideology makes apologetics emotional flutter or ideological relativism.

Loyalty, a virtue for nerds?

The Virgin remained faithful throughout her life. However, loyalty is not a small virtue! Faithful to her Son at the foot of the Cross, while events continued to oppose the messiah and the divinity of Jesus, Mary showed that staying connected to God requires strength, courage and a lot of spiritual intelligence. Loyalty is never a virtue for people who are afraid and trapped in an old godliness and kept from the snares of life! At the end of his earthly journey, the unfailing attachment to the Virgin of the Gospel was crowned by his acquisition of celestial glory.

The Assumption puts before our eyes the magnificence of a life built on unity, love, loyalty, strength.

This mystery gives us a very useful lesson about the union between speech and action. Indeed, our society lives under the illusion of reconciling opposites: excessive sex and family life, love and fickleness, duration and zapping, the violence of video games and the frightening urges of peace tradition and wisdom, and chin-banging calls for respect for authority. Faced with such deception, the Assumption puts before our eyes the greatness of a life built on unity, love, loyalty, strength, perseverance in trials, finally faith in God.

The Virgin Mary, a benevolent

The Assumption above all describes the force of love such as love, incandescent force, fire. There is nothing better than this mystery of the Virgin’s ascension to Heaven that gives more light to these words of Jesus: “I came to set the earth on fire” (Lk 12:49). Let’s stop painting the Virgin as a cutesy creature, a sugar statue, a marshmallow figure!

If our late modernity delights in its beauty and superficiality, on the other hand love in its Christian version is a force capable of moving mountains. Marie was kind, and thus she joined the Trinity. Our hedonistic society suffocates love with the worship of sex idols. Christian love is fire, not rose water or a license to undermine the mystery of sexual difference through serious violations of chastity.

The power of loyalty

Finally, Mary’s ascension to heaven remains a powerful stimulus for belief in the just reward of works. God took Mary with Him because of justice and because of mercy. The demon never stopped him. He never had anything to do with evil. This is the reason why he was empowered to lead the fight against the dark forces. Satan has no ally in this fortress which is the faithful Virgin, “terrible as an army equipped for war” according to the expression of the Song (Ct 6, 10). Mary led the battles with God more strongly because no one fought better than a mother for the life of her children. It remains a sure bulwark against the culture of death transmitted by some ideologies.

The fidelity of the Virgin not only won Heaven for her, but above all constitutes one of the cardinal virtues through which she exercises her maternal duty towards us in her glorious state – the fidelity with which the disciples of Jesus relying on prayer to him to intercede. him for them.

In pictures, the most beautiful representations of the Assumption:


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