Stranger Things, Sex Education, AHS: why did the series crack 80s soundtracks?

More and more series are using hits from the 80s in their soundtrack. This is also the case with Stranger Things!

Who hasn’t shazamed a song in the middle of an episode Stranger Things ? And for good reason, the Netflix series uses a lot of hits from the 80s to create a certain atmosphere. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Stranger Things, Sex Education, AHS and Glee honor the eighties

Many series were inspired in the 80s to tell different stories. The past has become a real topic.

It’s no secret, the series became a real influencer, and that Netflix understands this very well. Yes, there were a lot of platform issues that dived into the eighties. In short, we are therefore witnessing a supposed revival!

Stranger Things

The whole plot of Stranger Things takes place during the 80’s. This makes this series 100% eighty content. Not only is it retro but the fact that they are young and new actors is not known to the public. added a real feature to the tv series.

Yes, before becoming a star Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown is less well known, though she has napusilan na Grey’s Anatomy. Like Noah Schnapp who before joining this series, played in a Steven Spielberg film, The Bridge of Spies, with Tom Hanks. That’s all!

As a reminder, Stranger Things tells the story of a group of friends looking for one of their Will Byers, but everything doesn’t go as planned. In effect, Mike, Luke and Dustin meet a girl running from anywhere. Her name is Eleven, they can easily discover that she is not like other women their age.

However, despite its unusual features, he can be an important element in the search for their friend Mike. The parallel universe, pursuit, friendship, love, extinction and science fiction nicely sum up the series. Stranger Things.

Stranger Things became the most-watched English series of all time on Netflix. The Duffers brothers made a very good start for the first half in season 4. Even if the latter let slip in some mistakes like Will’s birthday.

Sex Education

Sure, Sex Education part of the modern series, but that doesn’t stop it from echoing in the 80s, sometimes. In fact, this Netflix series didn’t hesitate to pay homage to the 80’s and 90’s with its soundtrack. And for good reason, it’s an English drama, so drama and comedy go together.

Contrary to Stranger Things, Sex Education interested in the sexuality of young people. Therefore, in periods and seasons, the series breaks all taboos to help young people growmolambo.

To bring all these sex tips and more, the Netflix series chose a soundtrack with iconic titles from the 80s. So we found Billy Idol with Dancing Myself, Ann Peebles with her title I can’t stand the rain or even A-ha others kuhaa ko. From season 1, Sex Education has filled the ears of music fans!

American Horror Story 1984

Fan of the 80s? Chances are the series AHS 1984, if you are disappointed at this time or it makes you happy. So double it or stop!

Like any good timeAmerican Horror Story, the credits set the tone and invite you to travel. Retro atmosphere and slashers guaranteed!

The makers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk bet on the pop reference. Thus, on a minute credit, we will see an aerobics class, neon lights to introduce the cast, Converse, roller skates and breakdance. In short, there is nothing left to chance.


Even the series HAPPINESS entitled to his eighty quarters an hour. In fact, in episode 2 of season 6, Glee Club members performed the song Bring Me in the A-ha group. For the occasion, they completely took the elements of the original clip.

In doing so, HAPPINESS attracts a new target, which is the parents of young teenagers fans of this series. Thus, a young teenager can introduce his family at one point through a cover made of a hit from the 80s. That’s it!

But how to explain that series like Stranger Things very inspired by the 80s? MCE TV tells you even more!

Why is the series so interesting this season?

For simple and good reason, that is Generation Z likes to (re) discover elements of a time they didn’t know existed. So it’s an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of their parents or even their grandparents. In short, there is a kind of “fantasy” about seeing what the world looked like in the past.

After all, we have all heard the famous cry more than once : “It was better then!». Well, let’s dive into the universe of the 80s, but through the series! As much as it relates to the beneficial to the pleasing.

The trend of the new generation series

Who has not heard of beverly hill, dallas or dynasty ? Well, everyone these series from the 1980s-1990s were very successful at the time.

Based on this observation, American channels have smelled that nostalgia can pay off big. Thus, Beverly Hills 90210 (1990) had a sequel to reboot 90210 Beverly Hills: New Generation (2008). For its part, Dallas and its ruthless universe also saw the arrival of 2012 with a sequel.

unya, dynasty launched in 1981 continues to expand its empire in the new version of the series made in 2017. In addition, its seasons are available on Netflix.

If these series prolong the nostalgia of fans in the first hour, others don’t hesitate to go back to the 80s to make this their plan. This is also the case with Stranger ThingsMCE TV tells you more!

Stranger Things brings the latest clothes and items from the 80s

Yes, the Netflix series, Stranger Things is the series of eighty par excellence. And for good reason, to set the scene, the Duffer brothers thought of everything when they think of this story. Thus, no details are left at the moment.

The mullet cut also has its popularity in seasons 2 and 3 of Stranger Things. And this, thanks to the character of Billy Hargrove, Max’s older brother, who died last season and who could be on back in season 4.

Stranger Things also raised so many pieces of fashion that we all want to never see again at any hour. as the so -called corny cap, the visor. Or the metal jacket, the quintessential garment of the 80s.

The 80s invited themselves to the soundtrack of Stranger Things

Since May 27, not a day goes by without everyone being told Stranger Things. And for good reason, the Netflix series is back with a new unreleased season, somewhat inspired by episodes of Game of Thrones. In addition, it seems that the new villain looks like Night King.

Another surprise, season 4 is already shining thanks to its unique soundtrack. Which is not surprising because everyone the seasons of Stranger Things punctuated by many cult songs. Started season 1 with the title Should I Stay or Should I Go from The Clash.

In Season 2, Cindy Lauper’s hit Time After Timeaccompanying Dustin and Nancy on the dance floor at the prom. A more than moving scene. How could Madonna not think about the 80s? So, in episode 2 of season 3, his song material woman describes the shopping session between Max and Eleven.

How not to mention this iconic title from season 3 of Stranger Things, There is no end to the story by Limahl sung by Dustin and his girlfriend Suzie. Beautiful cover full of joy.

The soundtrack to part 1 of season 4 was a hit

Put on season 4 playlist ! In the early stages there were many cult songs as well Dreaming of California from The Mamas and the Papas, Tarzan Boy from Baltimore or Pass Dutchie in the Musical Youth group.

And like the Stranger series Things it is expected that the soundtrack will be able to attract fans, the soundtrack for the first part of season 4 will be released in September. It is necessary wait until July 1, 2022 to see more hits from the 80s again. Meanwhile, there’s another song that’s always coming out this season 4 and it’s a Kate Bush title.

A Kate Bush hit has enjoyed new success thanks to season 4 of Stranger Things

Yes, this song Running up the hill has become popular again since the launch of season 4 of Stranger Things. Not only does it always come back to the threads in new stages, but it often comes at crucial moments. And with good reason, Max’s favorite song.

This piece is back in fashion! It will climb to the highest ranking of the most listened songs today around the world. This classic therefore experienced a rebound of +9.900% in just 4 days. the song then reaches 2nd place in Spotify’s Top 50 to the USA.

This crazy success is the reason for many TikTok occasions. In fact, Internet users are excited to reveal what their favorite songs are for (SPOILERS ALERT) to escape Vecna.

This Kate Bush title can be found in other content available on Netflix. In effect, this hit by Kate Bush was highly appreciated by the artistic director of Balmain, Olivier Roustein. Besides, he even put this song in his documentary wonder boy.

Olivier Rousteing also revealed in a Netflix interview that he was a fan of the 80s look Stranger Things. She would have loved to wear the cast. That’s all!

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