Stop it all! Xbox Series X is in stock!

News good plan Stop it all! Xbox Series X is in stock!

Without a minute to lose, the incredible and highly sought after Xbox Series X is in stock! If you’re considering buying it, it may just be time. We advise you to check it out immediately so as not to forget to pick up your future console.

Xbox Series X: is in final stock so don’t waste a second!

One day here, one day there, you have to have a sharp mouse to hope to find the latest new generation console from Microsoft. As such, if you’re there, because at this exact moment, the Xbox Series X is beautiful and usable. As many will tell you it’s better not to be together.

Buy Xbox Series X from Microsoft

If you missed this opportunity to get your hands on this awesome console, we have some tips for you below so you don’t miss out another time.

We know how frustrating it can be to see a PS5 or an Xbox Series X pass us by without a chance to enjoy it, but don’t worry, we’ll let you know the next restocks right away because the our sources are quick to respond. .

It has to be said that the current geopolitical climate and the pandemic have not really helped the sale of the latter, but also the PS5 and many other high-tech products.

Unfortunately, global production has to face many problems.

  • Excessive demand for semiconductor versus slow production
  • A pandemic that is slowing down everyone
  • Energy costs and scarcity of raw materials at exorbitant prices
  • A particularly unstable geopolitical situation

Apparently, we suspect all of this won’t make it easier to own one of the two consoles. But we shouldn’t despair, because every now and then there will come some ephemeral stocks of the Xbox Series X and PS5.

To get, you have to watch what happens to traders. At JVTECH, precisely, we are always informed of the stocks available to traders and we will let you know, if not, we have some advice to give you.

If you haven’t got your Xbox Series X right now, don’t panic. We have to keep on the way to hope to get one of the next socks. Don’t lose patience!

It has to be said that both consoles have had great success since their release, and only a few lucky ones have gotten it. A success that paid off at a high price, because for almost a year and a half, both consoles were always out of stock.

If their availability is a bit unsatisfactory, it’s still possible to find a few every now and then, so you’ll need a well-crafted approach to be successful without missing out on this opportunity.

To speed up your work and avoid wasting time unnecessarily, you can now go to the sites of major French merchants and create customer accounts.

Sure you’ll ask yourself the question, but for what? Simple answer, to save time.Because yes, once your customer account is already created and your shipping address and payment method are already filled out, you don’t have much to do when you have the chance..

On Amazon, for example, you can take advantage of a one-click order and thus receive the Xbox Series X without ever wanting to.

If not, you can also use the alerts on our site, or keep the tabs open to see the “in stock” mention displayed in real time. We recommend it:

  • Check out the Xbox Series X inventory on Amazon
  • Check out Xbox Series X stocks on Fnac
  • Check Xbox Series X stocks at Cdiscount
  • Check out the Xbox Series X stocks at Micromania
  • Check out Xbox Series X stocks at Leclerc

Why the Xbox Series X is a unique next-generation console

In the world of next gen consoles, war really is. Sony’s PS5 console and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X are committed to the same line, bringing the latest generation of games to their users.

As such, the design of these two consoles is not the same. What divides is also their controllers. Microsoft’s is especially appreciated and praised for its use on Xbox consoles, but also on the PC.

In any case, the Xbox Series X has something to ship heavy! This is what you will find on this beautiful console.

  • The speed architecture that binds the SSD to RAM
  • 12 teraflops
  • 3.8 Ghz 8-core processor
  • 16GB GDDR6 RAM
  • Gen 4 PCIe SSD

So you have the equivalent of a relatively high-end gaming PC that is much cheaper. With it, you can send your games in 4K at 120 fps for those who can and if your TV allows it.

If we really like Microsoft, it’s because the brand has done so well with its Xbox Game Pass. It allows you to download multiple games in exchange for a monthly subscription, which Sony is trying to do on Playstation Now.

However, Game Pass is now available with several catalogs of games including those from Microsoft. A catalog that is constantly changing because new games are constantly being added.

Particularly praised for its excellent value for money, Game Pass works best on the Xbox X Series because its interface is designed to integrate the heart service into its user experience.

Add to that a whole host of applications, like on-demand video and music services, and you get a simple crazy device that proudly sits next to your television.

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