Sport, food, finding love or even relaxation: eDreams reveals the main motivations of travelers

A few months before the more suitable summer vacation, eDreams-along with A Poll-asked travelers about the main reasons why they travel or about their changes to practices or behaviors since the pandemic. Will they take a vacation to relax or find love ? Do they intend to share their holiday memories more on social networks? ?

Relax with family or friends

When French travelers are asked the main reasons why they travel, 75% answer is to relax, take care of themselves-in September 2020, well-being should not be the priority of travelers, only 13 . % [1] of French respondents referred to it as a selection criterion for their upcoming holidays.

48 they % of travel to socialize. When asked to specify, only 8% said finding love was the cause. French travelers seem to prefer to spend time with family (61%) and friends (64%).

Adventure yes, sport no

Nearly half of French travelers are passionate about culture (42%) and adventure (41%).

sports during the holidays ? It would appear that travelers are more fans of deckchairs than sports ! Only 14% of them cite it as a motivation to travel. But true epicureans, it seems the French are not looking for culinary discovery because almost ⅓ (29%) of them choose food as a reason to travel. This is even less than 39%of Swedes (39%) or Italians (37%) mentioning food as the main reason for travel.

It seems that the majority of travelers in France (45%) have not changed their holiday eating habits since the pandemic. They were 19% still in favor of accommodation with a kitchen and 17% going to the restaurant more on their holidays than before the pandemic.

Men Women on a trip, instructions for use

What further differentiates the desires of French women and men in terms of travel is sport and finding love.

Female French travelers combined, they 80% cite as the main reason to travel the fact of relaxation, self-care against 65% for men. While 9% say sport as a factor in travel, men seem to be less inclined to participate in physical activity because 24% say sport as one of the main factors. to travel… a question that does not balance the mental load of the year. ? Between intention and reality there is sometimes a difference ? The interpretation of this difference is free.

In terms of dating, men seem to be more likely to find love on vacation (13%) than women (6%).

Did the pandemic change the relationship between travel and social networks? ?

Not at all if we believe the intentions of French travelers: 55% of them say they share their trip less or less on social networks – although they are more likely to express that they will share more ( 21%) than little (10%). Young travelers aged 18 to 34 say they are more likely (30%). Americans (40%) say they share their travel more on social media than before the pandemic, followed by Italians (33%) – and it’s the Germans who think they have little share content related to their holidays on social networks than before the pandemic.


The consumer survey conducted between February 8 and 14, 2022 on OnePoll for eDreams ODIGEO of 10,000 people in the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and France. The survey was conducted in France with 1,000 consumers between February 9 and 11, 2022.

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