someone builds a sanctuary to help stray dogs threatened with euthanasia in the municipality

For years, a fifty-year-old Palestinian has been helping stray dogs in Gaza by bringing them to his shelter, but also to his home. Saeed al-Err also rescued many cats and horses in distress.

Saeed al-Err, 50 years, is the father of 8 children, but he sees them more and more rarely. This resident of Gaza spent most of his days rescuing stray dogs and those he cared for in his shelter, reports The Keeper.

The structure of its reception, is called Sulala Animal Rescueis the first of Gaza, and the only one so far. It is home to more than 350 dogs, but at another site, a house he rents, Saeed al-Err supports 40 cats. At home, he welcomed about thirty more. Hundreds of animals, including donkeys and horses, were rescued by this man, his family, and his groups of employees and volunteers.

If he loves them all without exception, a special bond unites him miner, a cat who will be the first to greet him on his return after his long and tiring days. ” If I went under the blanket to keep warm, he would pat me on the back for one so I could be with him.declare Saeed al-Err. I dream that one day all the animals will find a safe place like Minwer “.

He explained that he always helped the animals, but he decided to raise an item when the municipality announced on social networks that it would pay almost 3 euros for each stray dog ​​killed. Surprised, he responded to these publications, then the next morning, he went to the municipality to show him that his approach was wrong. Authorities heard him and eventually stopped their campaign, after the posts in question were removed.

Article illustration: Gaza: a man creates a sanctuary to help stray dogs threatened with municipal euthanasia
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Due to lack of resources, he was about to close his shelter

Saeed al-Err then borrowed from the bank and rented property to accommodate dogs and cats. He invested his own money and received some donations. However, a year later, he ran out of resources and considered closing his small sanctuary. He even had to sell his car to continue feeding and caring for the animals. Here the town hall returned to him to ask him to open a municipal shelter.

Saeed al-Err happy to be able to continue his work, even when he is overwhelmed. ” Every day I receive about 10 phone calls about animals in need and rescue. I want to have half an hour for me “, He confessed.

He can count on his wife’s valuable help and support. SallyWHO ” take care of everything. She also takes care of all the sick cats I have in the house, he continued. He gave them their medicine and fed them. I couldn’t do anything without him “.

The person concerned shows that the most difficult thing for him is time management, especially if he has serious cases to deal with. Sally refers to the example of a cat with broken jaw. I had to crush the food and give it to him well. But I’m not surprised. This is a good deed “.

The worst for Saeed al-Errmao ni ” if you see an animal die. People often hear about the achievements and animals we save, but it’s not always like that. It is good for animals to have someone around them in their last moments, to die peacefully instead of being alone and scared. “.

His dream: to open a veterinary clinic and well-equipped housing

There are obviously happier moments, like the one experienced Lucy. The latter was a dog that was paralyzed after a road accident. Because there are no leg prostheses Gaza, he decided to make him a cart with what he had in hand. His brother, a mechanical engineer, helped him design the tool. When Lucy learned to move with it after some hesitation, he never stopped running.

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Saeed al-Err accepted the fact that now the Gazans more aware of animal issues. More and more people are adopting, and it is receiving growing support locally, but also internationally. A foreign organization specifically offered payment and 6 months salary for 2 residential employees. He was contacted by other municipalities to open their own residences.

The path is still a long way off, at the very beginning. I hope that, one day, I can create a special clinic to take care of all the animals. I hope to have fully equipped shelters and be educated all about animals », Concluded Saeed al-Err.

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