“Some congratulate you, others criticize you” (Safoura Compaoré, West Africa vice-champion in Bodybuilding)

A few weeks ago, his images were fed on social networks. For some it’s pleasant, and for others it’s funny, because it’s the first time for them to see a girl who shows herself with well-built muscles, with a big smile. Bodybuilding is mandatory! This picture is none other than that of Safoura Compaoré, who distinguished herself in the most beautiful way at the West African Women’s Bodybuilding Championship, in Ghana, in Accra. He was a silver medalist during this big tournament. Since then, he has been in the spotlight, in his homeland as well as in Africa. Since he returned to the fold, he was not noticed, he encouraged more than one, and think, even that the female sex was not left. Between TV sets and sports halls, Safoura Compaoré spends his days there. Standing 1.70 meters tall and weighing 78 kilos, the West African women’s bodybuilding vice-champion is undoubtedly the star of the season. In an interview with Burkina 24, Safoura Compaoré told us about his unconditional love for sport and his conversion to Bodybuilding…

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Who is Safoura Compaore?

I am a sports fitness coach at Gautier Gym in Ouaga 2000. I am the vice-champion of West Africa in women’s bodybuilding.

What is Bodybuilding?

First of all, bodybuilding is a sport to better shape your body, to strengthen your muscles.

Why did you choose to do bodybuilding?

As I said, I am a sports coach, so thanks to a friend, a brother who became my coach who calls himself little pepper. When I saw him doing bodybuilding training, I asked him why I’m not a girl, I can do it too.

The sport, the bodybuilding part is not just for men, we women can do it too. As I said, bodybuilding is a sport that allows you to draw the bodyit allows you to stay in shape in real life.

You were the vice-champion of the West African championship in Accra, tell us about this championship.

The championship in Ghana went well, it was not easy but we overcame it, it went well. This is the first time we see, especially here in Burkina, a woman who has participated in this competition. There are others who, when they see you, will congratulate you, and there are others who will also criticize you.

In life, there is a lot of criticism. Well, people, you tell them you’re going to the gym, they tell you what it is, gyms are for losers, it’s frustrating.

First of all, sport is well-being, it’s health, so whatever your schedule is, we should have a sport program even if it’s only 20, 30 or 45 minutes, that’s fine.

How did you hear about this contest?

Thanks to my younger brother, he’s a coach and partner too, he’s on the field. He tried to help me, it was thanks to him that I went to Ghana for this competition. And when I came to Ghana, I was surprised, that there were also women there who participated.

You are a silver medalist, what does that mean to you?

To be honest, I didn’t expect it. Because this is the first competition I participated in and I was surprised to get this silver medal. This is surprising.

Safoura Compaoré, female bodybuilding vice champion, in the West African championship

I am very happy. I am also very happy with my coach’s work, because I can say that I am thankful to him, because he really motivated me to move forward. For my first competition, I had a silver medal, it’s something we can’t explain. An honor as I always say, I feel strong emotions.

When you returned, many of them welcomed you. So tell us how you found it?

Our reception was good, we were well received; we are happy and proud of our country. When we arrived, we went to his Majesty the Moogo Naaba, he gave us his blessing and we really thanked him, because there is nothing like the blessing of his great-grandparents. Then, we were received by the Minister of Sports, we also thanked him, and the Director General of Sports.

We’re guessing you don’t intend to stop there, so what’s next for you?

Soon there will be a competition in Benin, on September 29. Either we will be guests or we will compete. We are also preparing for Nigeria.

And how did you prepare for these upcoming competitions?

For bodybuilding, if you want to prepare for a competition, there is a time when you need to increase muscle mass and a time to find this muscle mass. This is what allows the visibility of the muscles. There are many exercises for building muscle. For bodybuilding, you need a coach. Even if I am a coach, I need a coach to help me get better.

Does the bodybuilding profession feed its man?

Yes, it is a profession that feeds its man well. Because here in Burkina, at the moment, we are in the process of establishing a federation and I can say that thanks to that, when we are set up, we can say that it is a job that can be done. to feed your man better.

Like I said I’m a coach, so I can say the bodybuilding part, it’s the same job I do, so yeah, it feeds me.

Do you think people are interested in bodybuilding?

Me since I arrived, I saw my brothers, my friends, everyone wanted to play sports. Soon, we will have some kind of championship in Ouagadougou. And for that, we have started to prepare them, to train them.

Since we had to participate in this competition, we had to be given cards that allowed us to go abroad to compete. We met with the Ministry of Sports to help us progress better.

Is Safoura married?

No! Currently, I am not married but I have a girlfriend.

What is the view of the person from Safoura in his sporting life?

He still motivates me to keep going, go to the gym. He is in the field of sports, despite his jobs, he has time to go to the gym without fear.

And if by chance he asks you to end your sports activities?

No, he can’t tell me to stop because he encourages me to go to the gym even if I don’t feel like it, he already knows the value of sport, he knows that sport is well-being.

What is your message to women who want to do bodybuilding like you?

Sport is good, it is health. Whether it’s bodybuilding or something else, I encourage my sisters, mothers to play sports. And for those who want to do bodybuilding, we are ready.

As I said, I am a fitness coach and I also have a coach who is there, male or female, come on, let’s work together. We are at Gautier gym fit in Ouaga 2000, next to the United States Embassy.

Your last word?

I want to thank all the people who supported me from the beginning. Especially my coach, who keeps encouraging me and encouraging me to keep going. Thank you for knowing me now, when I pass by, wherever you greet me, it’s really nice. I also thank the authorities because they welcomed me. Thanks for everything!

Interview conducted by Sié Frédéric KAMBOU

Burkina 24


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