Singles should bet on this date to find love, according to a survey

Summer may be coming to an end, but romantic encounters are still here. We know that holidays and the sun inspire love, and according to a survey conducted by a dating application, singles should bet on this specific date to find their match, otherwise the summer is over.

August is the best month of the year for dating

When love tends to knock on our door without warning, people who want to find it can put the odds on their side with a few tips. And one of them is betting on the right date to be made romantic encounter. According to a survey conducted by the dating app Happn, there is a specific date that will allow singles to find their crush: August 22, 2022.

In fact, August is, according to the numbers from Happn, the month when the application is most active, and this is for the third consecutive year, thanks to a record number of Crushes, the equivalent of a match, messages sent and likes. If the platform recorded a record peak on July 25, 2022, the growing activity of Happn predicts that August 22 is indeed the most favorable day for dating for singles. And yes, the good weather, the holidays, the calm and the fact that there is more time, you want find love.

How to meet your crush before the summer ends?

In addition to putting the odds on your side by betting on August 22, 2022, you can also follow the advice of Claire Rénier, head of trends at Happn, to find love before the end of summer .

  • Choose the right pictures

As with all dating applications, it is strongly recommended to add photos to your profile. According to Claire Rénier, three photos are ideal. The goal? “Get people’s ideas in their context,” explains the expert. In addition, it is better to choose photos that you like yourself, because if you are not satisfied with your own photos, “there is a small chance that someone will feel the chemistry”. Claire Rénier determined everything: “We need to see the face, and we avoid group photos, or else we put it in third place”.

This popular bio has already put pressure on more than one person. But the head of trends says that it is itself “no pressure”. The important thing is to be yourself. We add information on age, place of residence, a link to his Spotify profile, his favorite films or series… The bio is actually a “starting point”, which allows you to start a you have a conversation about a personal way. “These are very simple sentences, as if we were describing ourselves to a friend”, explains Claire Rénier.

In Happn, there is also the possibility to fill in tags, ie small information that can be used in the form of a form. Just click! So we can add the kind of relationship we are looking for, whether we are a sports person or not… Claire Rénier advises to be very honest with your tags, “because it saves a lot of time”. By doing too much, we can risk falling for people who are not right for us.

  • Send the correct first message

Claire Rénier is categorical, the classic “Hi, how are you?” is the ban. Instead, he advises starting a conversation “with the people we’re most interested in,” and giving a nod to the profile, such as chatting about a music artist you like. We can ask him, for example, what is his favorite title from such and such an album.

  • Suggest an original first date

“Before making a first date in real life, I would like to suggest a video date”, advises the expert. Highly developed due to the pandemic, the video date is the ideal first date to get an idea of ​​someone, to test the chemistry and release the pressure. And for the first visual date, we can offer a concert, an exhibition or a cinema session according to the person’s preferences, to avoid endless drinks on the terrace, which is sometimes embarrassing. “It creates a memory (…) it’s more romantic”, explains Claire Rénier.

Claire Rénier concludes by sharing the things not to do to find love on a dating app, according to a survey of a panel of singles:

  • There is no topic of conversation
  • There are too many physical differences from the photos
  • You talk about your ex with your crush

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