Sète: “I Love Planet Beach Party” is a day of action for Mother Nature

From early in the morning, volunteers went on a garbage hunt on the Lido beach.

“Summer is almost here and we will try to spend it in a responsible and clean way, on the beach and everywhere”, stated on Sunday June 5, Véronique Miramond, initiator of the “ILove Planet beach Party”. An all -day event that takes place in Sète, on the occasion of World Environment Day.

It may not be like this, but there is something to be done

The association “ILovePlanet”, created in 2017 by Véronique Miramond, decided to start this “beach party” in the program provided (1), with a large collection of garbage on the beach in Sète. An operation concentrated between Place André-Théron and the first car park on the lido to Marseillan. From the start of the morning, small groups of volunteers, collecting bags in (gloved) hands, were mobilized.

Manu Chao

As the beaches began to fill with lovers of beach pleasures, individuals, but also many members of nature and environmental protection associations, were quick to act. Like Martine of the Guardians of Thau, this type of operation is used, and who works “only for Mother Nature and nature”. The color was later announced from the beginning: “Maybe not like that, but there’s a lot to do”.

Here’s for Gambeat, Manu Chao’s bass player who performed as DJ, after the pick-up from 4:30 pm to 8 pm, on the shores of Lido, as part of the “ILove Planet” operation . “People are a big family. Ecology is important for everyone. That’s why collecting is important. The planet needs to be taken care of, it’s our common home”, the artist said before going to the beach in search of garbage often hidden under sand, like cigarette butts.

Infusion time

“There are two species that are likely to be disturbed in the Lido during mating, these are the small tern and the ring neck plover. It is not the noise that disturbs them, but the fact that we can walk their eggs. And destroy them “, said Pierre Maigre of the LPO (League for the protection of birds) in Hérault. A problem where the organizer of the day “ILove Planet Beach Party”, Véronique Miramond was announced. “We were informed by the town about this. We explained, with the help of the Thau Guards, to all the collecting volunteers to be very careful in all the areas that are likely to be sheltered by these species of bird ”, specified later. ..

Aim, to continue alone or in a group for two hours collecting under the blazing sun. Then, about 11:30 a.m., bring your bag back to sort its contents. A work done with the help of members of the Woto association (Wings of the ocean). The latter, six in number, built a sort of sorting center based on large jute bags. Waste divided into category (2) is stored before being transferred to a recycling center and waste recovery partners.

555 liters

By the end of this collection campaign, fifty volunteers had collected 78 kilograms of garbage. This represents a volume of 555 liters. The amount seems to be important, especially on beaches that seem to be perfectly clean. “We found over a thousand cigarette butts all over the beach, but also ropes and nets and of course a large amount of flexible plastics. They were usually packaging. People ate on the beach and sometimes leave it “, Claire de Woto pointed out, satisfied with the” harvest “.

(1) Lectures on ecology; artistic and sports performances for children and DJ sets.
(2) Rubber, soft and hard plastic, polystyrene foam, pacifier straw, mask, lighter, cigarette butt …

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