Security, education, purchasing power, the challenges of the 14th district of Rhône

Accompanied by Laurence Loison, editor of the daily Le Progrès, Olivier Michel received set 3 of 8 candidates vying for the deputy seat for the 14th district of Rhône. In this territory characterized by its youth and high poverty rates, there is no shortage of political proposals. The debate will follow starting at 10 a.m. this Wednesday, June 8.

The 14th district unites the southeastern part of the metropolis. Saint-Priest, Saint-Fons, Feyzin, Corbas, Solaize, and finally Vénissieux are the largest towns in the area.

More than 146,000 residents live in this inhabited territory mostly young people. The median age is significantly below the national average.

This area is growing in population every year.

On the other hand, the the poverty rate is high. This is ten points above the national average.

7 out of 10 residents work outside their municipality where they live.

-Yves Blein, outgoing deputy, candidate for the Allies, presidential majority, was elected in 2012 under the socialist label.

-Damien Monchau, candidate for National Rally, police officer work.

-Bruno Attal, candidate for Reconquest, police by profession.

– Idir Boumertit, the candidate of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union member of France Insoumise declined the invitation to participate in the debate. He explained that his “the campaign strategy is centered on meeting, in the field, the voters ”. He estimates that “The intentions of some candidates are anti-democratic in fact, which only comes to tarnish the image of politics and lower the level of public debate. I don’t want to contribute to such a business “.

7 other candidates also ran for this deputy seat but were not in the debate.

-Yalcin AYVALI Miscellaneous None

-Martin EGRON sovereignty

-Mokrane KESSI Divers center

-Olivier MINOUX Worker Struggle

-Farid OMEIR Union of Muslims in France

-Delphine PALLUY Ecologist

-Ecologist by Camila SALMI

One of the important themes for this district where the residents are young but less qualified and occupy the positions of workers and employees.

The proportion of couples with child (ren) is higher than the average in our country, hence a concerned population in question.

Among the proposals discussed in recent weeks, by all parties, are:

-learn computer code language from 5th grade for those who want to,

– more sport, 30 minutes a day in elementary school from 2022,

-multiple hours of French and math in elementary and 6th grade,

– return math to its core in high school,

– making vocational high school a path of importance, with a successful approach to learning,

– increase the time spent on internships with companies and hire them,

– simplify Parcoursup,

– increase in teachers’ salaries,

– the return of school and college uniforms,

-suspend family allowances “for parents of disruptive or absentee students”.

In this constituency, the news always makes news headlines. There, too, the paths are considered, from the most restrictive to the most restrictive, all parties are united.

-Injecting 15 billion over five years into the Ministry of the Interior to double the number of police officers,

-increase the way to fight cybercrime and recruit cyber-patrollers,

– establish a Republican Action Force (security forces, magistrates, education groups, etc.) to urgently restore order in crisis neighborhoods,

-establishing and presumption of self-defense for law enforcement,

-remove reductions and adapt sentences,

– create 10,000 prisons,

– 10,000 foreign prisoners deported to their country of origin,

– systematically eject all foreign S files,

-automatically evict traffickers and their families from social housing,

– restore local police,

-disband the anti-crime brigades (BAC) and the brigades for the suppression of motorized violent actions (BRAV-M),

– Prohibition of tasers, disencirclement grenades, Flash-Balls,

In this constituency, poverty is very high. So the issue of purchasing power is the center of concerns.

Among the sequence of measures devised by the various presidential candidates and taken by the candidates in accordance with their list include, among others:

– raising retirement pensions

-raise the index point of civil servants

-Fuel discount of 18 cents per liter of fuel

-Reduce VAT to 5.5% on energy, eliminate VAT for 100 basic necessities,

-exempt income tax for those under 30 years of age,

double assistance for single parent families,

– reindexing retirement pensions to inflation,

– abolition of the fee for funding public broadcasting,

– Reserve access to social housing only for the French,

– tax exemption for overtime

Add Smic to 1500 euros net

A debate to be followed by the antenna of France 3 Rhône Alpes and live from 10am on our website.

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