RTX 3060 & rtx 3060 Ti graphics cards: prices are finally down!

News good plan RTX 3060 & rtx 3060 Ti graphics cards: prices are finally down!

After a long period of scarcity, we finally seem to be approaching a quiet in the graphics card market. This is especially true for the RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti which are now lower in price by many traders!

The Nvidia RTX graphics card is finally back in stock at a fair price!

The oldest of us still remember it. In this era when graphics cards and various computer components are still available at a fair price and where mounting a fixed PC is the best solution to have powerful hardware at a short price.

Since then, a huge shortage has hit the world of technology.

The problem came, among other things, from a small component: the “semiconductors”. Very complicated to make, however, they are required to make our favorite consoles and graphics cards.

Added to the first problem were factory closures due to Covid, strong international tensions, rising raw material prices and even energy.

Until recently, prices were even higher to make your own desktop PC without blowing up your bank account. And this is particularly the case for small budgets who need to be content then with the laptop market to hope to be able to equip themselves.

Buy the RTX 3060 for € 439 at Materiel.net

Fortunately, we finally seemed to calm down. Prices are not yet up to the MSRP (the manufacturer’s recommended price), but more and more graphics cards are lowering the price.

And this is especially the case with the entry level Nvidia RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti which are now lowering the price in many stores.

Nvidia RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti: the best deal

Among the stores and the many offers available, it is sometimes difficult to navigate and choose the best value for money. So we selected 5 offers from different RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti stores.

3060 Ti

The 3060 Ti is a mid-range card made for 1440p. It has more than just decent Ray Tracing performance and would therefore be perfect for a first-time gaming PC or replacing an old card.

  • For € 599, the MSI Ventus 2X version of the 3060 Ti is available from Amazon. With a manufacturer like MSI, you are assured of good quality and performance that will last over time. It has 8 GB of graphics RAM as well as two fans that help keep it at a good temperature, while giving it a nice design.
  • A little cheaper, the Zotac Twin Edge is offered for € 579 on Materiel.net. With a slightly more specific design and two fans, it also has 8 GB of video memory.


Less expensive than its big sister, the 3060 Ti, it’s also less efficient. If the Ti version is made with 1440p in mind, the RTX 3060 is more aimed at Full HD and therefore 1080p. You can choose this if you have in mind the budget configuration that prefers to display its games in Full HD with multiple frames per second.

  • With the Ventus 2X for € 459 on Materiel.net, MSI is offering a very good RTX 3060 model at a great price. In the end, it’s already € 100 lower compared to the 3060 Ti for a relatively small difference. MSI is still betting on a two-fan version and a determined gamer plan, while remaining solid. Note that it has 12 GB of GDDR6 memory.
  • Same price for the Gigabyte Eagle offered at € 459 on Rue du commerce. Its design is more square than the MSI version and therefore more compact.
  • Finally, Gainward Ghost is being offered on Materiel.net for only € 439! As strong as other references, however, it has a slightly more basic design, lacking a little punch to catch the eye.

Buy the RTX 3060 for € 439 at Materiel.net

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