Royal Family: William and Harry’s relationship has changed dramatically – Are they talking now?


In the years since Princess Diana’s death in 1997, her sons, Princes William and Harry, have been united by their shared tragedy and the challenges of being a member of Britain’s royal family. They have matured again in the public eye and are now proud husbands and fathers.

Despite the similarities between William and Harry, the princes have not always been on a united front. For years, rumors swirled that they were not getting along. Additionally, reports suggest that their relationship has soured after Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped down from royal duties in 2020.

So, are Harry and William talking now? Here’s what we know.

Source: Getty Images Are Harry and Prince William talking?

Unfortunately, Harry and William don’t talk much these days. In June 2022, The Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers shared on Pod Save the Queen that the relationship between the siblings had not changed in recent years, and that they were “out of touch at all”, and that the connection ” still very raw. “. .”

Russell also explained on the podcast that the Royal Family hopes Harry and William will be reunited during the Platinum Jubilee of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The television jubilee celebrates 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign on the throne. Although Harry and Meghan left the UK in early 2020, the couple attended the Queen’s event in June 2022 with William and his wife, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

While Jubilee explained that William and Harry were in the same room, apparently they did not resolve anything. Russell admitted there was ‘tension’ between them and they refused to discuss personal matters during the crazy four days. After their “frozen” relationship, another source said that Harry and William decided to keep their distance for the foreseeable future because William was still upset about Harry’s upcoming memories.

“She alternated between mourning what she lost and feeling really, really angry about what her brother did,” the insider told the Daily Mail in June 2022. “She really loves Harry and feels like she’s missing someone. , except for himself. wife, who understands this wonderful life of theirs. But he thinks there are things we don’t. And Harry crossed the line 100%. »

Source: Getty Images Are Harry and William’s wives talking?

With the royal drama between Harry and William developing, it wouldn’t be surprising if their wives disagreed. Ever since Harry and Meghan started dating in 2016, reports have compared Meghan and Kate and said they don’t get along. Meghan made the feud public in 2021 when she said she and Kate had a row over Meghan’s choice of wedding dresses.

“It made me cry and I was really hurt,” Meghan said in a March 2021 interview with Oprah.

Source: Getty Images

Meghan added that Kate “apologized” for their misunderstanding and went ahead with the wedding. However, Page Six reports that the interview left Kate “depressed.” However, another source claims that Meghan and Kate made their issues public during the Queen’s Jubilee.

Although neither Meghan nor Kate have confirmed that their alleged feud is over, Meghan has opened up about a part of their relationship that she no longer has to go through. The Suits alum says her favorite part of not being a senior royal is regaining full access to her social media accounts.

Before Meghan and Harry left office, they shared an account, @kensingtonroyal, with William and Kate. Since leaving, William and Kate’s team has renamed the page @dukeandduchessofcambridge.

“I’m going back … to Instagram,” Meghan told The Cut in August 2022 while promoting her podcast, Archetypes, adding that giving up her account was “a big change — a big change.” or to move on from that kind of thing. .” autonomy in another life. »


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