Rock edition for the Red Dog Festival 2022 in Cannet-des-Maures

The artisans of the Red Dog 2022 festival, a must in the Cœur du Var, are ready for the big event. Offered by the City of Cannet-des-Maures, these three nights will still be served by a group of volunteers. For a well -established success …

While posters will be shared between Ko Ko Mo (heavy – electro), Knuckle Head (rock, blues and country), then Popa Chubby, who is not appeased by imprisonment (read below).

Sébastien Lauvernet, “Mister music and cinema” at the media library, Sylvie Blayac, assistant delegate for culture, and Nadège Rafaelli, director, delivered the substantive marrow a few hours before the first concert.

What audience are you targeting?

We hope the blues and rock lovers and especially the guitar lovers. Popa Chubby is one of the most famous blues guitarists on the planet; like Ko Ko Mo and Knuckle Head, their training (drummer-guitarist/singer) leaves a lot of room for this instrument.

What guides and directs your choices?

As for 2021, a lot of importance is given to the musical quality of the artists, to their instrumental and vocal talent. One of the other criteria is stage presence: we need bands that have real added value on stage. So from Ko Ko Mo! We want the Le Chien rouge festival to have a real identity, a recognized summer venue. So our lengthy research and our questions for programming.

Why a theme?

This program is colorful and nuanced, with a common vector: we invite really good musicians. They really have to say, musically speaking, and in a sincere, non-commercial way. The register is diverse because it mixes blues, pop, rock, groove and country. More than a century of music evolution!

How many festival-goers do you expect?

Last year, we were in the midst of even more aggressive sanitary measures for the public; we counted nearly 2,200 people in three days. For the 2022 poster, we have high hopes of exceeding three thousand people. It would be inspiring for a more special program and a festival of full revival.


Ko Ko Mo Thursday July 21 (preceded by Jacket in the first part).

Knuckle Head Friday July 22 (preceded by The Grasslers).

Popa Chubby Saturday July 23 (preceded by The Blue Butter Pot).

Concert at 9:30 p.m., early 8 p.m.

Cité Denis Tissot, in Cannet-des-Maures. Free.

Popa Chubby: “It’s a thunderous show!”

Popa Chubby is the headliner of Le Chien rouge 2022, on stage and on Saturday 23, the day after Paris (Cabaret sauvage). The overnight stay will be introduced at The Blue Butter Pot and should be memorable.

Theodore Joseph Horowitz (himself) gave us a casual interview, more like the New Yorker he is, than the fierce singer-guitarist in the black glasses he plays…

A four -year break, between 2017 and 2021, in your three -decade career. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Well, this is for obvious reasons due to the (Covid-19) pandemic. Believe me, I have no intention of stopping touring. This is the last thing I want, really. I struggled relentlessly for thirty years, and I was even on the road when the first wave (of Covid) started. However, instead of overcoming depression, I try to use my time wisely and productively, in my studio, at home. I spent a lot of time protecting myself from madness. The actual return to the stage was amazing for me, and I haven’t stopped since …

What will you offer on Saturday at Le Cannet-des-Maures? Recent tracks from your 28th album Emotional gangste?

First let me tell you that the band is amazing; it can play in any repertoire and, of course, anything. Our limit is very small. Beyond the new disc titles you’ll hear, there’s a huge repertoire of thirty years and thirty-six albums. So, let’s connect with that as well as the titles that made me famous. I don’t want my fans to fail. Even if there are schedules to go, believe me, it’s a thunder show!

Thirty years on stage for what memories?

My certainty is that the music is the truth. After thirty years (of career), I can tell you that I am more “relaxed” on what is important. At age 62, I realized that every experience has to be taken care of and every title to be played with the utmost vigor. I try not to get involved in the business side of the job anymore. I’m not really good at it, though.
I chose to sing and play my guitar. These are the two things I’m sure of …

You have a more diverse audience in France and Europe than in the United States. Regret?

I think in Europe the community (of fans) is more eclectic, with young people, different cultures and I love that. I was very welcome in Europe and I will never forget it! France, in particular, is like a home and could even be my home later. In the United States today you know the situation and you know how I feel about it. This is a long discussion. Let’s just say the blues are the truth of the sea in vain …

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