Relationship: A therapist reveals the “Green Flags” for a relationship

“Green Flags”: a therapist reveals five signs that will allow you to recognize a good partner

Is this the right person? Many ask themselves this question, in a relationship or on a date. A therapist reveals what makes this thinking possible.

Often, in the guides of romantic relationships, called red flags play an important role, which is to say the characteristics or behavior of the (potential) partner from which it is necessary to flee as soon as possible. This is important, because sometimes these aspects of a person are overlooked if you yourself are blinded by your appearance or your own feelings, or if you are not aware of the higher consequences.

But it is just as important – if not more – to be attentive to green flags Pay attention – that is the conviction of American therapist Jeff Guenther from Portland. This encourages the deliberate search for characteristics that indicate that this may be the right person. After all, dating is about making a decision in one’s favor – not just dismissing all candidates because of their perceived weaknesses.

This is why Guenther in a video on his TikTok channel listed five “green flags”. These are characteristics that are excellent indicators of a relationship and give hope that something lasting can develop and is worth investing in.

According to Guenther, for example, it is positive that the partners are beginning to adapt to each other’s behavior. For example by using the same words or by adopting the habits of others. It is not only “cute”, it is also a good sign from a psychological point of view.

Likewise couples who do not start to get bored in each other’s presence, even if they do not do anything exciting. Anyone who can also sit on the couch together and be quiet has reached an important stage in their relationship, Guenther believes: “It’s a green flagif you don’t mind, but just enjoy each other.

The third positive attitude: the other person brings things that one does not even ask for – simply because the other person knows what one wants or observes and listens carefully. So, if at the next meeting, the date bought exactly the snacks we raved about a few weeks ago: mentally check the checklist.

The fourth point is one of Guenther’s personal favorites: “You can play with each other with an argument from yesterday.” Arguments are part of any relationship. But if you can laugh about it together the next day, it shows that you don’t hold grudges – and self-deprecation is always a good quality. Therefore, arguments can even help strengthen the relationship.

Fifth, finally, feeling safe in the presence of another is a good sign. “When your partner acts as an anchor and gives you stability just by being there, it results in a real sense of trust and security,” says therapist Guenther.

Source: Jeff Guenther on TikTok

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