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“Africa is a continent full of changes and futures”, assured francis szpiner, the mayor of 16th arrondissement of Paris, on the occasion of the meeting Is Israel back in Africa? Challenges and Opportunities», co-organizede in American Jewish Commitee (AJC) with the Israeli Embassy in Parison May 31. VSThis meeting brought together about twenty speakers, to whom Yair Lapidthe head of Israeli diplomacy (on videoconfeence).

The relationship Israel-African bothered to say the leaste since the birth of the Jewish state that has remained original relationships Instead, favorable to more African countriesin the background of the wave decolonial. The 1960s marked the passing of Golda Meir and by the prcooperation program (Mashav), considered the golden age of this relationship.

The tide returned in 1973 with the Yom Kippur war pushing most African countries to sever their diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv. Have to wait they Oslo Accords (1993) with that they do not recover, formerly the arrival ofanew degradation following the second Intifada led by Palestinians (2000-2005).

Lthe Abraham Accords (2020) coming activate the dynamic between Africa and Israel. On October 23, 2020, it was recognized by Sudan the state of the Jews under pressure from the president donald Trump. Two months later, Morocco followed in his footsteps and now, Chad seems more receptive than ever. Forties African countries there renewed with Israel WHO story at present a two weeks onthereembassies on the continent.

For Benjamin Augé, fellow researcher atSi Ifri, “The Israeli government now views the continent as a place of ancient influence (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Uganda and for two decades, Rwanda) which needs to be densified, even as a new space of investment influence» (Israel-Africa relations: what can be remembered from the Netanyahu decade?, Study of Ifri, Si IfriNovember 2020).

information and security, pedestal on relationships israeli-africans?

Pto strengthen her presence in Africa, Israel whenis widespread supported to Mossad (intelligence services) WHO holiday a vector major on her foreign politics. On May 31, the Cameroonians by the way good represent in Parisshowing the relationship clothing that the NATION there developed with Israel. Since the early 1990s, thehe Mossad ruled the electronic surveillance of the palacestudied and in Mvomeka’a where living and work President Paul Biyaand it a former Israeli soldier who rules ICameroonian elite unit (BIR).

the KenyaRwanda and Uganda there they too promotes security cooperation with Israel (Iin Amin Dada had of himself trained as a parachutist at Israel). By his side, Judah Lancry, former Israeli ambassador to the UN, reminded May 31 from town hall on the 16th borough from Paris, the signing ofa security cooperation agreement between Morocco and Israel (November 24, 2021). “A former Mossad leader is leading operations in Togo, let’s be clear!», he added to illustrate Israel’s strong security presence in Africa.

Finally, pSeveral security companies privately Israel presented in Africasuch as the MER Group opening subsidiaries of RDemocratic Republic of the Congo (RDC) (2006), Tanzania (2007), Zambia (2014) and Kenya (2016).

Vadjustment variable in front of formercolonial power SOMETIMES suspected interference politics, Israel it inflicted in terms of security on by his skill counter-terrorism. This skill export potential facilitate its implementation on new geographies. “We don’t need to talk about Israeli technology and experience, but we need to find a point of application for this knowledge and skill”SAYS Tieman Coulibaly, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense of Mali, while Nyagale Bagayoko, researcher atAfrican Security Sector Network, Warned of a traffic congestion in the Sahel» should be prevent.

However, rEntering into security and/or commercial relations with Israel is not a promise of diplomatic support as illustrated by the complex bilateral relations between Israel and South Africa. So, while ANC cadres have always called on Israel on apartheid regimethe notThe rainbow ation remained at 1er economic partner of the state of the Jews of Africa. Nigeria (una African economic power to havec its 200 million inhabitants) refuses to bow in searchPalestinian ion, and she so too one of Israel’s major economic partners on the continent and has an embassy in Tel Aviv since 1993.

The call for support from Africa at the concert notations

“For a long time, foreign political pressures kept us out of Africa,” he said. SAYS Yair Lapid, the head of Israeli diplomacy. Israel now seems to want to turn this page of history while the Palestinian issue continues to weigh on Israeli-African diplomatic relations. Pcan we expect more support from African countries on the international scene? », asked Anne-Sophie Sebban, director ofAJC. “Israel has beenasked for observer status from the AU, which is still the topic of debate today ”, he recalled, specifying that the “Positive relationships do not have to be interpreted by alliances at the international level”.

In fact, there iswhen Moses Faki Mahamat, chairperson of the African Union (AU) Commission, offered Israel an observer seat in the Union African (AU) in July 2021, it status completed still matter of a situation quo strongly following internal disputes. To Sharon Bar-li, Director of the Africa Division of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairsnot necessarily “agree on all topics to work together. We can be a support to caPalestinian use and friend of Israel at the same time. If you keep going on both sides, it means you are for peace ”.

The state seeks the Jews end the boycott tight-fitting automatically on different African countries at the UN. In 2018, during thethe United States has demanded the condemnation of Hamas by the UN, after firing rockets from the Gaza Strip, seven African countries only out of 54 voted the resolution (28 against, 10 against and 10 more abstentions). Alang’s Benjamin Augé, IAfrica is still dominated by states under the influence of Arab Gulf countries as well as some regional powers such as Algeria, South Africa and Nigeria, (somewhat) systematically against the positions ofIsrael (…) Palestinian tropism persists in many countries led by a dominant party with a Marxist past, often close to a discourse condemning the state’s decolonization policy.Israel» (Israel-Africa relations: what can be remembered from the Netanyahu decade?, Study of Ifri, Si IfriNovember 2020).

What is meant for the economic ambitions ofIsrael in Africa?

Open the door to the Red Sea, the‘Ethiopia represent a luna especially strategic with Israel. Lin GhanaKenya, Rwanda or Ivory Coast on the digital side, other bases are favored by the dashup notthe IsraelCONNECT WHO THERE increases the transfer of skills. “In Africa, Israel has always been an example in terms of agriculture,” dili ‘there did not fail to call back Si Simonot SchwallCEO of Okay ra (agritech) kay hin historymao ni the agricultural sector WHO strengthens Israel-Africa relations. D1960sItechniques obtained by the state of the Jews transferred to close to 9,000 Africans during the provided training on Israel.

Vocational training and the transfer of skills in agriculture, security and new technologies constitute the triptych of a relationship placed under the sign of pragmatism. and diversification. “Israel is part of the solutions to meet the challenges facing Africa,” pointed out by Sharon Bar-li.

Israel pwe too lean on the success ofa specific number private operatorss (in the arms and mining sector especially) with re-launch its relationship with the continent. That creature, Africa is not represented AGAIN a major growth driver for Israeli companies. Lexports to Israel towards the continent does not representonly $ 685 million in 2021 (ie 1.3% of total exports).

the NATIONstakes however on African Continental Free Trade Area (Zlecaf) and 1.2 billion of them residents to relaunch sthere dynamic commercial with Africaencouraged to increase agreements bilateral signed from 2020.

Recently, theand Morocco Office has partnered that he counted Four times it was exchanged with Israel to bring them to 500 millions of dollars every year. A few days later, it is Egypt with ambitions of order on 700 million dollars in bilateral trade every year with Israel, from here 2025.