Reduced to boredom and depression by our little companions! 2 experts give their advice on “La Touche Animale”

The month of September is synonymous with recovery: work, classes, etc. Many people say goodbye to moments of laziness and resume their daily tasks left before the start of the summer holidays.

And the small cat or dog at home, what will happen to it? How will he be occupied when loneliness creeps by his side and prevent depression from coming out of the shadows to hurt him?

To answer these questions, the facilitator Yoann Latouche invited 2 experts from the animal sector to join the show. Chloe Feschcanine educator for ten years and trainer at Behavior of the Dog ; as well Marion Ruffiecat behaviorist at the head of the company Perfect catsgave some tips and tricks to take care of his 4-legged friend.

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Adoption: asking the right questions

Before focusing on entertainment, experts are looking at adoption. What animal will be welcomed? What kind to choose? What about his offspring? There are so many questions to ask yourself before pledging allegiance to the cat or dog that has won our hearts. It is always good to remember that this action should be equivalent to a well considered action.

To provide room and board for a pet, there must be time to spend on it. However, the needs may differ depending on the species. Therefore, the new owner of a cat must teach him to remain emotionally independent. As for the dog, it needs more presence of its person.

Regardless, patience, listening and respect are required. Your mission, if you accept it, is to help the newcomer feel good about himself and to establish a good cooperative relationship with him.

Article illustration: Tired of boredom and depression in our little companions!  2 experts give their advice on “La Touche Animale”

Under loneliness!

Another very important question was asked during this round table: how long should a cat or dog be left alone? with Marion Ruffie, the longest weekend has become bearable for most of our velvet-legged friends. Of course, as the specialists explained, it all depends on the individual, his habits and his living environment.

If you are away, keep these 2 elements in mind: balance and work. On the side of the canine gent, it is necessary to meet different types of expenses throughout the day, both physical, mental and olfactory. Of course, the age, breed, and general shape of the animal must be considered.

As far as our little mustaches are concerned, the watchword is “enhancing their environment”. Access to height and windows, as well as accessories that allow physical exercise of the cat remain important to ensure its well-being.

In the end, it is the perfect symbiosis Marion Ruffie and Chloe Fesch advised listeners to change the toys for the cat or the dog to avoid any feeling of fatigue.

Article illustration: Tired of boredom and depression in our little companions!  2 experts give their advice on “La Touche Animale”

What is 2e spouse and separation?

Some people wonder if adopting a “companion” will solve their beloved protégé’s loneliness issues. As pointed out by the cat behaviorist, not all cats accept the arrival of a new family member who is obedient and not made for life with others.

For the dog trainer, it is important to know that keeping a 2e The dog under the roof is like managing 3 individuals. Ideally, any adopter should schedule time for 1er doggie, for 2e and for the duet.

Finally, when it’s time to leave, we must take the necessary steps to limit the animal’s stress. Too many kisses and hugs, as well as a tsunami of words of love will not reassure the cat, for example. Remember, our furballs feel all our emotions!

little trick to Chloe Fesch, and at least: get your dog used to it by making a false start. When you pick up your keys, give him some attention. This training will help him to stop having a negative view of these little rituals.

Article illustration: Tired of boredom and depression in our little companions!  2 experts give their advice on “La Touche Animale”

A few ideas to keep in mind

In conclusion, it is important to remain attentive to the needs of cats and dogs. Many activities and motivations are possible without, to get rid of boredom and avoid depression:

  • fun bowls;
  • laser;
  • create a “life background” by continuing to watch television for several hours;
  • chews to satisfy chewing needs, such as toys Kong ;
  • diffuser of well-being pheromones, as suggested by the brand Feliway ;
  • turn to child care services, such asBorrow My Doggie.

The 3e The “La Touche Animale” section will be broadcast live on Brut. app, Tuesday, September 6 at 7 p.m..

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