Raised by the comments of Internet users, Cynthia explained her relationship with Vivian!

Cynthia from Les Cinquante explains her relationship with Vivian after kissing Julien Bert! We provide the details!

During the last episodes of Les Cinquante, Cynthia was seen kissing Julien Bert! An action that does not fail to make the Web react. The audience, for their part, thought that the young woman was playing with the feelings of the men. And especially Vivian’s.

It’s another contestant that he also kissed recently! Through his page on Instagram, the main concerned wants to explain things. Find the details in the following lines!

Les Cinquante: This candidate who never stops standing!

Les Cinquante is currently in action! Currently, this program is one of the television programs most followed by the French. And this, while it is a new entertainment produced by W9 channel. Moreover, it continues to attract more and more viewers. And in just a few weeks of broadcasting, the tensions already tense between the participants!

In Fifty, many participants recognized themselves! This is especially the case with Cynthia. And so far, his participation in this first season of the new W9 show is not so easy. In fact, many times the candidate finds himself at the center of tensions. Considered a disruptive element, many do not support its presence!

For viewers of Les Cinquante, it should be pointed out that Cynthia joined the alliance of Maeva Ghennam. It was the choice that attracted the 26-year-old candidate a lot of criticism. But that’s not all! This contestant never failed to impress us. In fact, he still attracted attention in the last episode of the show!

It’s been a while, Cynthia from Les Cinquante seems to have a crush on Julien! The audience also noticed that the girl was very close to him. And the suspicion was removed when these two candidates were seen kiss. A rapprochement that did not fail to disturb the viewers! We’ll tell you what’s next!

“Actually Julien Bert and I turned…”!

The fact that Cynthia kissed Julien Bert made Internet users angry! And most of them thought that the 26-year-old contestant was dishonest in his actions. Especially since he was recently kissed by the latter Vivian for a game. But Internet users don’t see things like that. In fact, the latter saw that he was playing with the boy’s feelings!

Very present in social networks, this comment did not go unnoticed by Cynthia’s eyes! Climbing, the young candidate of Les Cinquante then rushed to react through a story on Instagram. The opportunity for him to explain things. Direct in nature, he is far from his tongue in his pocket. ” From the start, you won’t see me in the episodes because I’m not crazy about strategy “, he started!

Cynthia then added that her only strategy, “is to show that she is a queen of the arena and to win all events”! At the same time, the candidate of Les Cinquante spoke about the mysterious relationship between him and Julien. ” Since the start of the show, in fact, Julien Bert and I have been going back and forth (…) yes, I’m not afraid to think about it !

In fact, Cynthia no longer hides the fact that she saw Julien. And thus, the two participants of Les Cinquante will meet in the evening. The young woman continued her revelations with: “From the beginning it was a physical attraction between me and Julien that lasted a long time”. Before adding: “(…) and it happened in yesterday’s episode when we kissed !

The Fifty: Cynthia repeats the kiss she gave to Vivian!

Regarding Vivian’s case, Cynthia Les Cinquante wants to give more explanation. ” Coming back to Vivian, you should know one thing Vivian from 1 the Neverly dude “. Before continuing: “Then he did Kayla, then Mélanie ORL, then the 3 did it, and then he came back to see me”. A frank and direct statement that made people react!

The Les Cinquante candidate also announced that there was nothing between him and Vivian. Although he confesses that he appreciates her personality, he points out that he never made any promises to her. ” Now about the kiss at 1 it was a game, at 2 it was 5 seconds, at 3 I never made Vivian tongue soup “, he added!

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