Pote – Son Cara: Piercing

From one anchor point to another, the Saint-Etienne artist brings within her the joyous wanderings of those who know how to welcome life. Feelings of alert, a gamberge to go far even if it means spending his time: photograph of a poet in search forever.

He negotiated with us at the top of the capital, at the bar where he lived, and where as a loyal neighbor, he had little habit. On the outside, the chaos of the megalopolis is in stark contrast to Saint-Etienne’s laziness, which he left four years ago. Here, Son Cara – Marc, in the city – enters another space -time. Faster, more powerful, faster. Escaping the gravity of his hometown, the young man finds in Paris a form of light, a field of possibilities, each day feeding a little of the light he carries within him, and begging only to twinkle the eyes of the world.

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August 2018. Quit smoking, in front of the factory where he works. A message on his Insta. ” I love your clip on Ariane Mnouchkine. Can we meet “. Antoine Bisou, the founder of the Parisian label Microqlima, recently reversed fate. Or rather, to restore order of things: soon, Marc, pseudonym Klé, word player , artist at the end of the rings yet unknown, becomes Son Cara and takes for the good path leading people where they need to be.

I did my first concert in Paris on a barge, he explained with, in the corner of his lips, the small smile one shows when one remembers a happy memory. It was shaking. It was very symbolic. I was like a sailor sailing for the first time. Finally, Antoine Bisou showed interest… So, I decided to stay in Paris, and 9 months later, I signed up. Paris to… A place where I made music “.

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If the story rushed like this, however it took all the time since it started, eleven years later. Marc, who was young then, had recently discovered that rap could be a real place for speaking. Booba, the FF, Les Sages poetes de la rue: the formats – 16 bars, 64 bars – appealed to him, because it became a way of structuring the number of things he wanted to express.

By starting to write I understood what I was thinking. So in the long run, what I want is to put in as much as possible. Writing is dense… Impressionist. Now, I peeled, I passed everything under the X-ray to find and tell what was important, by having to be precise. And at the same time … I also improve my music by approaching the song, and by writing for others “.

Foam, Son Cara: rapper? Singer? Musician? A little of all that at the same time, as long as “all that” remains poetry. Creating the truth to better articulate it, romanticizing his emotions to better understand it, the young man makes our imagination unique, and comes to caress our feelings through his words. Filled with literature, allusions and dreams, his texts touch on the universality of feelings, suggesting to our ears, our heads and our hearts the possibility of an eternity.

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burn the sea

But the art of poetry does not make Fils Cara a simple reflection. Born in 1995, he grew up in a world of inspiring rockstars: ” Now, there are no more heroes. God is long dead, now rockstars are dead. It’s a shame, because it’s my career plan “. That is why it remains the poets to whom, he says, it falls into the task of” save the world “, because as such, since Ancient Greece, people have had access to questioning. That is, facing the folly of a planet where others will come” burn the sea », The actor wants to restore love.

Descendant of a Sicilian immigrant family living in the Gier Valley, Marc has not forgotten where he came from. But most of all, he knows the unconditional love he has received. Her stage name, moreover, was borrowed from her mother Carmela – little: Cara. So, educated on kindness and empathy, Son Cara gives. To retrace his journey, he talks about others.

To tell his story, he talks about the collective. His brother, Francis, great pianist », Which he embarked on his musical adventure. His partner Zoé, the eye, the photographer, who was the first to put his suitcases in the capital. Zed Yun Pavarotti, his childhood friend, attached together with hers. Raphaël and Théo de Terrenoire, met on a train in Paris-Sainté, where he has since shared his vision of music, art and life. The team at ” killers where he surrounded himself in the preparation of his upcoming album: his brother, always, Lucas Eschenbrenner alias Felower, Simon-Gaspar Côte de La Belle Vie, and Louis-Gabriel Gonzales, the Parisian soul fit for yes. Son Cara, it is ultimately the link or not, the love as raw material, which she can now put into the service of her art.

General Artist

After two EPs, volume and Fiction released in 2020, the second also recorded in an acoustic version; after a remarkable and acclaimed passage in the public service program The Artist, released last fall; after a spring tour with La Maroquinerie de Paris, Les Chants de Mars in Lyon, Le Cargö in Caen or the Words and Music of Saint-Etienne, the artist will present an album starting next year at education.

Constructed of fragments in many different places, the fruit of a collective energy, this opus is thought to be “ like a house you can live in “. As an idealist, Fils Cara dreams of one day creating a cozy space where everyone has a place. As a realist (functionalist?), He thinks this place can be music:” There are 2D songs. And then, there are songs where you can live, with a refrigerator, food… What space do we want to take, what do we want to offer? This is the general concept to be developed. »

From Saint-Etienne, Fils Cara has a vision that focuses on the distance, aware of the reality of hills and piles of slag but forced to look ahead. Modest about his status as a person, but clairvoyant about the potential power of art. ” Writinghe said, there are many similarities in topography. The page, with theater “. With him, nothing exists alone. A dense, woody prawn. A permeable, perforated, perforating sensitivity. A general artist, whose desire is less to make music rather than composing a work.Like a track to leave, no doubt.But often, as a way to create something bigger than oneself.

Son Cara, storm towerMay 17 at La Comète, as part of the Words and Music Festival

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