Pokémon Scarlet / Violet: Open world, scenery, Multiplayer – High expectations of players!

Game News Pokémon Scarlet / Violet: Open world, scenery, Multiplayer – High expectations of players!

A few days ago, players around the world discovered a new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet | Purple. On the menu: release date and more information on this new opus. After Legends Arceus, Game Freak continues to move it towards the open world and there are other surprises in store. Which is the most expected? We interviewed the players. The answer!

Whether you like Pokémon or not, every announced episode remains an event. And while Legends Arceus is only a few months old, it’s Scarlet’s turn | Violet will take over. The Game Freak team (father and main developer of the series) also revealed a new trailer a few days ago. The opportunity to learn about the release date – November 18, 2022 – and to see the obvious: yes, the 9G is actually based on what Arceus, the first Pokémon on offer, has to offer. an open world. The same thing happens with Scarlet | Purple. As they say, the risk pays off: despite the mixed reception sometimes reserved for Legends, it was still a commercial hit for Game Freak: 6.5 million units sold in its first week, the second most very license start at the same time (just behind. Pokémon Sun | Moon). Revised the test for the studio looking to continue like this.


The open world was one of the first things players talked about when we asked their opinion about the ninth generation of pocket monsters. “My expectation is to see what we can do in the open world” point Hyru, on Twitter. This is exactly thatone of the defects of Arceus : large, relatively empty areas, with nothing to do but capture Pokémon. It’s important that Game Freak check out its copy for this point. Currently, the official website of Scarlet | Violet said nothing more. “You’ll experience a whole new style of adventure in a world you’re free to explore, at your own pace and in any sequence you want, no matter what the main story line.” Puzzles, lots of side activities, other Pokémon Baron? Lots of tracks but it’s a mystery.


Until we talk about the scenario, many Internet users are raising the need to have a appropriate storymore “substantial and mature” to use words from Nycena, on Twitter. Hurry quoted Pokemon Black | White for reference. In this opus, the player faces an organization that fights against fights involving pocket monsters (hence against the license heart game system). A daring and well-viewed angle, sadly rarely dated in Pokémon games. Like its mechanics, more easily accessible than the original -described as “too easy” by fans -, the series seems to have found the speed of navigation to attract as many people as possible. Back to Scarlet | Violet, we don’t know so far, except that the open world should offer “incredible wealth” according to the official site. Little twist though: The ninth generation will receive for the first time not one but two teachers. Olim in one version and Turum in another. “Everyone is doing research on some mysterious aspects of the region’s history” also reads.


Not one but two teachers, but also up to three players online to adventure. Yes, another first: Scarlet | Violet seemed more than ever bet online on the edge of classic exchanges and fights. Even if the site doesn’t say more about the topic, we have every right to be surprised. “Good to tell us to have Multiplayer but to do what?” writing for example Natsu, on Twitter. Why not imagine an open world where two hunters can team up with each other in combat to confront the defeated creatures, at the root of the Sword | taming? It is hoped that this will inspire the franchise. Pokemon Scarlet | Violet will have to give news in the coming months.

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